100% Signup Bonus up to $750

100% up to $750

Friday, October 28, 2005


Stacks Poker

Stacks Poker is the new kid on the block. Right now they are doing beta testing to see how the software works.

By joining now, you can get in on the testing and freerolls to see how this unique 3D system works. It feels like you're actually sitting at the table. Don't believe me? Go there and see for yourself!

By using the links on my page, when you decide to deposit, you will get a 100% deposit bonus, up to $100. That's a sweet deal. I can't wait to start playing on this site. It'll be real fishy for a while.

Good Luck,



Party Poker

Another post. I know I've got many, but I'm excited about this offer.

Party Poker is a great place to play. Many players, all of the time. But that isn't what is exciting. What's exciting is the bonus you can receive when using the links on this blog.

Click on any of the Party Poker links on this page to get a free entry into the Party Poker Millions qualifying tournament. All you have to do is make a deposit and the entry is yours.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005


Imperial Poker

I just got this blog started, but I want people to be able to get started playing with my help. I began with Imperial Poker and only deposited $20. I ended up cashing out $175.

I know that this isn't a lot of money, but it got me started. The bonus that Imperial Poker has is

I played a few low limit tables at a time, and was able to clear it in 2 weeks.

If it sounds like work, it isn't. It's real easy to play a few tables at very low limits, I'm talking .10/.20 limit. I made $155 in two weeks playing these limits, and you can too. Even if you play break even poker or losing poker, you can still make easy money.

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College Poker Championship

Okay, for all you college students out there, there is a College Poker Championship. You can play poker for free, with other college students, and be able to win $200,000 in prizes. Did I mention that it is all FREE!

All you have to do is go to www.collegepokerchampionship.com and login. When they ask you to enter a college rep code, type AUL655.

I made the semi-finals last year and busted out with trips against a made flush on the turn. I wasn't very pleased. This year, they have tournaments on Tuesdays for free money and qualifiers on Sundays. They take the top 5% of the Sunday tournaments to move on the the regional finals. All the info is there for you to see.

Good Luck,



Poker Beginnings

Hey out there,

I've been playing poker for a few years now, and wanted to share some information to the newbies that are looking to get into internet poker. I'm not a professional player, but just somebody who plays for fun and makes a few bucks in the process.

Now, the internet poker sites are making fat cash off you, so why not make fat cash off of them.

There are so many bonus offers out there right now that you can:

Now, I'm going to list site by site ways to where you can increase your bankroll, and eventually, through some play and reading, you can CRUSH the competition. All while making a few bucks on the side.

Good Luck,


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