100% Signup Bonus up to $750

100% up to $750

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Vegas Poker 247

New site on the block, Vegas Poker 247. You know, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With this new site comes new perks. I will be able to offer players 28% rakeback every month they play for the rest of their lives! This is one of the best deals on the net.

Vegas Poker is a skin of Absolute Poker, so the same great tables and action! Poker Tracker compatible and huge bonuses! Right now they offer a 100% up to $750 deposit bonus. Sweet deal!

When you sign up through me and make a deposit and play 200 hands (.25/.50 or above), you'll get 2 free decks of casino used playing cards. I pay shipping! When you play 1,000 hands (.25/.50 or above), I'll send you the poker book of your choice (max. $20).

If you already have an Absolute account, you need to use a different e-mail address to register to play. Only real setback to the new site.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Quads Twice!!!

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I hit quads twice in about 20 minutes playing .10/.25 NL at Full Tilt poker. I flopped the Jacks as you can see. I didn't get any action on them though. That sucked!

The only time you can get some money off of somebody is if they have a big hand or are aggressive donks! Had some playing against me today, but they got the better of me with suckouts! Loose play means you can't bluff. When they're making hands with garbage against big pairs like QQ and KK your day is going to be long, as my day was. Had QQ lose to a set of 4s, then KK lose to Q-8 when he called a raise with it in NL and flopped three of an unkind!

Twice I had QQ and another player had KK. WOW!!! NL can be profitable, but it can also be brutal!


I watched the FTOPS (Full Tilt Online Poker Series) Main Event Final Table. $500 buy-in. I have to say that there were a lot of good plays and bad plays. When the blinds started to get up there and the players' "Ms" were low, there was a lot of crapshooting. Many pushes with weaker holding and many loose but good calls with hands like K-10 os and things of that sort. It took about 30 minutes for first player to get knocked out. After that, they started falling a little quicker.

At one point, it seemed like players were falling left and right. After about an hour and half, they had a winner. Spiked took it home for more than $200K! What a payday for playing online! One of these days....

Good Luck at the Tables,


Wednesday, November 15, 2006



I have been predominantly a limit ring game and MTT player. As of late, I have moved over to the NL ring game side. I still like limit, but playing NL can be extremely profitable.

Patience is one of my strong points and in MTTs, this can hurt you if you don't catch a hand or two early. I have found that you can stack someone about once every hour, unless you take a bad beat. It happens. Granted, I have only played around 500 hands NL, but am comfortable because I am not getting my money in there with a bad hand. You don't need to blind steal or call raises out of position because this isn't life or death. You can rebuy and blinds don't increase every 10-20 minutes.

I wish I had more time to play, because I would. With my new serving job, I have way less time than I used to. I work 5 nights a week along with about 2-3 days a week. That leaves little time for poker, but will get to it when I can. Usually nights after work and Sundays.

Does anybody have any NL ring game suggestions. I hear the Sklansky book, No Limit for Advanced Players is a must read for NL players. I'll have to pick that up. I'm already backed up with 5 books at home. Taking them one by one so I absorb all the information I can.

Thanks in advance for any help,



Monday, November 06, 2006



I didn't get to DVR this event last week and I was really looking forward to watching this event. I already know who won it, but I saw the final table and was ecstatic to watch this one unravel. I didn't end up watching the final 3 players, but I just wanted to go ever a few hands that I thought were masterfully played.

Doyle "Texas Dolly" Brunson vs. Chip Reese

Doyle gets QQ in early position and makes a standard raise. Chip looks down at KK and just smooth calls. Commentators are saying that they play very frequently against each other in "The Big Game" in Vegas. They must change their style and try and outplay, and more importantly, out think their opponents. I think the big blind calls with an ace-rag. Little importance to this pot. Flop comes all low cards, 7 high I believe. Doyle bets out $200K. Chip reraises and makes it $500K. The blind folds and it's back to Doyle.

He goes into the tank and I can see doesn't want to lay the hand down. He finally does and when he mucks, a Q gets flipped over. Say he must have had A-Q because there's no way he was laying down QQ in that spot, coming from Andy Bloch, eventual runner-up. What a huge lay down! Even though it crippled his stack, he figured he was beat and laid down the second best hand. Great play by Chip Reese, and an amazing play by Doyle Brunson. I couldn't believe it!

A little while later, in the show, Bloch opens up for a raise with A-9 os. It gets around to Phil Ivey who re-raises with A-K hearts. Reese is in the big blind and looks down at AA and re-raises. Bloch folds of course, and Ivey thinks and then folds. Another huge laydown by these top top top top players. This is why these players win and win and why other players may win and then are not seen for a while.

I can lay down A-K in that spot, but I don't think I could have thrown away the QQ that Doyle did. That's what makes these players great! I want into this HORSE event next year. Anybody willing to put up the $50K for me to enter? How about 1,000 people at $50/person. I'm starting the collection now. I will keep 10% of whatever I win and give the rest back to the investors. I just want to play in it! I have skills in every event played, and have final tabled in other HORSE tourneys. I really don't have a weak game in there. My weakest may actually be NL Hold 'Em...and I'm solid at that.

Any takers?



Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I Will Be Busy!

I added another job to my life, waiter at an upscale restaurant. What this means is that I need to study my wines so I can sell as many bottles as possible to up the bill. I'm also close to finishing my leave behind for advertising so I can find a real world job. This means that there's not as much time for poker right now.

I've been playing at Full Tilt mostly, but am going to deposit at Bugsy's Club again because they have a 50% redeposit bonus. I'm just putting in $300 for an additional $150. We'll see how that goes. I like their tourneys because they all start with plenty of chips. I've been playing low limit at Full Tilt and trying to get tourney tokens in the $6 2 table sit 'n go. Want to score big time in one of their larger tourneys.

Up and down at Full Tilt. At one point I was at $300 and now I'm at about $140. Played some 2/4 and was very tight aggressive. I got creamed by river beats a few times and just got destroyed. Mama said there'd be days like this.

What I really want to do is limit my online ring game play and only play tourneys, but that's not always profitable. I would like to play live 2/4-5/10 or the $500 buy in NL at the casino. Potawatomi Bingo Casino. 10 table poker room with no tourneys. Have 2 NL games with a must move. I've had some friends that are not as good as I am come out huge winners. They said to play patient, which I do, and aggressive when you get a hand, which I do. I can handle that. They also said that there are a lot of horrible players which = $$$....but also super bad beats. I've heard of quads being kicked in the junk by a river 1-outer straight flush! WOW!

I'll see how all these new developments go and get back to everybody soon.


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