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100% up to $750

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Party Off!

I took Party Poker off of my blog because I don't believe in them. Not like they can't succeed, because clearly they can. I don't believe that they care about the poker players of the world, only aboot (not a typo) their $$$.

Party has Party Points. Well, everything that I worked to save up has been deleted because I haven't played there in a while. Why should I?

There it is. I'm done with Party, not forever, but for a while. The only reason to go back and play there would be for large satellite tourneys or large tournaments. They have the largest. Oh, and their homepage. Have you seen it. What web developer put this thing together? I put better webpages together and I'm not good. Get a free template or something. Wow!

I've noticed that my counter at the bottom of my webpage keeps going up. That's good. I'd like to hear from some people that regularly read it, so I can improve on the content that I post.


Good Luck,


Saturday, April 22, 2006


$750 BONUS

I wish this was available when I first started playing here. Absolute Poker is having a 100% deposit bonus, up to $750. Click on Absolute Poker or the title and use AP750 when depositing. This is a limited time offer, so do this ASAP!

Tourney Report

Played with some friends last night at a church (don't know how it's legal) and had a great time. We had 5 show for the first game which I took second and got my money back. Second game with 6 players, went out when a calling station extrordinaire, called with a better hand than me. No pair, better ace. Questionable but he ended up second. He can play anytime he wants.

I'll have more on my strategy in another post for these short games, but I don't have time right now. If you want details, e-mail me at pokergumby@hotmail.com.

Good Luck,


Thursday, April 20, 2006


Friday Tourney

I'm trying to get a tournament together this Friday. It'll be a $30 buy-in with $5 bounties, just to make things more interesting. If anybody is interested, let me know.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Gavin Shmavin

I watched the WPT last night, where Harrington, Minh Ly, and Gavin Smith were the final 3 left. From everything I've seen from Gavin, I don't like him. This stems from more than one viewing of him.

I read an article where he was talking about people saying that Daniel Negreanu was the best Canadian player eh. He was saying that he is better than DN and is from Canada. This season will give him some credibility towards that statement, but it won't give him any fans. I believe that being humble and not saying, "Where's my notoriety? Waaa, waaa, waaa!"

That's bullshit! You get notoriety by being an asshole, I think you're almost there, or by playing well, you're almost there too. I think Gavin is a good tough player. He takes the Gus Hansen style of hand selection and is aggressive. He may be the Gus Hansen of the WPT Season 4. A couple wins. Who knows? Time will tell.

On a sidenote, has anybody noticed that Hansen never sees a final table during the WSOP? Why is that? Just a thought.

Good Luck,


Thursday, April 06, 2006


Live 2/4

Okay, so the Neteller incident is cleared up. I will be getting ALL of my money back. Phew! I will be changing my bank accounts once I set up a new checking account strictly for Neteller and online pokah.

What I forgot to post, since I was so pissed about that, was I played some 2/4 at the Potawatomi poker room. A friend called and said he was itchin'. He's been on a roll lately so I decided to go with him. He sat 3/6 and won $60. I sat 2/4 and...well, we'll see.

Called ahead, went to poker room to check in, got a pager. Went to sign my friend up for a player's club card and he got the receptionist's digits. I ended up sitting down a little while after my buddy got his table. Fairly long wait, and expensive. Lost $60 playing roulette. Shit! All the blackjack tables were full and I was itching when I walked in the door.

Get called for the table, get my rack, sit down, and wait to post. Only 3 hands, shows I'm patient and solid, so I thought. The table was nice, very few raises pre-flop and lots of limpers. This would help later. The only solid players were to my immediate right and left. Cool. Easy to see what they were doing.

I knew I was leaving around 7-7:30 no matter how I was doing. This helped because I actually didn't get antsy to play. Figured I would remain around even, which I did, until picking up some hands. Lost a little when this one came up. I limped in late position with 5-7 clubs. Not usually a hand I'd play, but like I said, lots of limpers. Flop comes King high with 2 clubs. When it comes to me, there's already a bunch of callers, so I raise to make a bigger pot. A few end up folding, my tight image has worked slightly.

3 players to the turn, no club. Guy to my right bets, I call, guy to his right calls. River club, no pair. Sweet. Check, bet, I raise. First guy goes into tank for a minute, then calls, and another call. I say I got flush. First player waits to see then flips over his 8-3 of clubs. Wow! How he plays that makes me wonder. He almost folded the river too. Why would he go to river with that then fold if he hit? I can't answer that.

Not much else happens for another hour. Take some small ones, play pretty well. Like this hand. Flop of King high with 5 people in. I'm in BB and flop a pair of 10s. Check around. Turn 3d, which makes 3 diamonds on board. I bet, 2 callers. River diamond. I check, early position player bets, guy who plays 8-3 clubs calls. I know I'm beat with a 10 high flush and fold. Early position had Ad-Jh. Good fold and turn bet. Only lost $4.

Getting ready to leave soon, around 6:30. I get QQ in a kill pot and raise to $8. 2 callers, small blind and some guy in late position (LP). Flop comes Queen high with 2 spades. Check, I bet, LP raises. SB folds, I just call hoping to suck him in. Turn 10, which makes a straight possible with J-9. I check, LP bets $8 and I raise to $16. He thinks, then folds. I don't show, but tell them I had a set of queens. LP says, "so did I." What? "With a jack." Oh. Whatever, I had $16 from him. I only raised because I worried about the straight coming. Good raise, he could have hit it.

About to leave, when I get AA on the button. Once again, limpers galore. I raise and get everybody to call. 8-5-2 rainbow. Somebody bets, and I raise. 2 callers to the 5 on the turn. Check, check, I bet. 2 callers to the river. 3. Check, check, I bet. First guy says, "somebody has to have a pair better than an 8," and folds. Old man calling station calls and I show my aces. He mucks.

I've only been to the casino to play poker a few times there, but I recognize some of the players and notice they are calling stations. This guy was one of them. I wait until the blinds get back around, then cash out. Up $88 on the session, $28 for the day. On the way out, my buddy and I pick up some used casino decks of cards. They're free. Why not? I've got a number of them at my house, in my car, in my backpack. You never know.

The poker room at Potawatomi has 10 tables. I suggest you call ahead. http://www.paysbig.com/gaming/poker.htm

Good Luck,


Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Neteller Update

Okay, so I got a hold of somebody and they told me that they, Neteller, closed my account when they realized that fraudulent activity was going on. Why didn't they notify me? I don't know.

What that are doing is reimbursing me for all funds lost. Sweet! It might take a few days, but I know that I will get it back. I changed all my passwords, QUICKLY!

I learned a lesson and will be opening a checking account strictly for Neteller and poker. I will only have a few bucks in there and will deposit to it when I want to make deposits to Neteller and my poker accounts. I'll withdrawal from Neteller and then withdrawal from that checking account.

B+ for Neteller.
  1. I think they should have contacted me, not the other way around.
  2. The representative in the investigations department didn't return his messages.
  3. Account info will be changed.
  4. I will be getting everything that was stolen back.

Hope this doesn't happen to anybody else. Protect yourself as best you can. Fraud happens.



Neteller Fraud

I woke up Monday morning for opening day, made some coffee, and checked my e-mail. Before I decide to shut my computer off, I check my bank account. Then I see the bad news. There was 2 withdrawals totaling over $800 into my Neteller account. Shit! I didn't do that.

I frantically try to login to Neteller and it says my account is closed. I call Neteller and they are receptive, but not that smart. I must e-mail the investigations department and I wait. What do I do? I go to the game and drink more than anybody should. Wow.

Hung out with some friends, played some 3 man (it's a dice game) and made it into the game for maybe 2 innings. I didn't watch any of it. Found some other friends inside, then came back out to drink some more. Go to bar, play some cribbage, go home at 8:30 because I have to work at 10. Didn't drive home or to work. I check my e-mail when I get home and they say they have recovered some of the funds. I can't talk to anybody that knows anything, they're not there. Call back during business hours. Well, I did that and they still aren't available. I need that money NOW, not in a week. Rent, car payment, bills. I'm in college and broke. THIS SHIT AIN'T COOL!

And it wasn't busy at work so I just took a nap there and had my girlfriend pick me up. Daytime hangovers suck.


Saturday, April 01, 2006


How to for Ganstas

This is awesome! What a douchebag. Click the title to go to the article or "How To Create a Gansta Roll."

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