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100% up to $750

Monday, August 28, 2006


Shark Poker Tour WIN!!!

Played in the Shark Poker Tour Vet Series event last night and ended up winning it. Got lucky a few times, which always helps. Plus, the format of the tourneys allows for mistakes early. 2,500 chips and 20 minute blinds, 6 seated. Also, $200 added. Check it out!!!

I just downloaded the Titan Poker software and decided on a new username. I play a lot of ring game limit so I didn't want my opponents to already have a read on me using PT. I found that people play differently against players they think are women also.


Friday, August 25, 2006


Late Night Poker

Ever start a tourney for shits and giggles at around 10, then start doing real well. You realize this might not be over until 3 or 4. This may be exactly what you need! I could use it every now and then.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


3/6 Ranting!

I just needed a little vent. I got home from work last night, or this morning, took a shower, and played some 3/6 full table at Absolute Poker. I was just about to finish my three tabling, I said I would stop at 5 AM, and then I lost all the winnings I had.

I could have quit when I was up around $80 after 45 minutes, but it was only 10 more minutes 'til 5, so I continued to play. Then 2 hands fu#%ed me. I went into both hands an underdog, but the huge flops put me ahead of both hands. These both happened within a few seconds of each other.

A-5 in BB, button raises, I call. Flop A-5-6, 2 hearts. I lead out he raises, I reraise, and he caps it. Turn 7. I bet, he raises, and I reraise, he caps it. Mistake, I don't think so. I'll bet the river and then see. River J, I bet he raises and I call. He shows A-J for the winner. Damn! $100 pot, I lose!

A few minutes later, another table, I get QQ on button and raise. BB calls. Flop Q-2-3 rainbow. Check-check. Turn 3, he bets, I raise, he reraises and I cap it. River A. He bets and capped again. He shows AA for the aces full winner and another monster hand and pot lost. Damn! RIVERED TWICE IN A FEW MINUTES! Should have left the tables.

So, I end up quitting at 5AM about $20 up. Better than losing, but it could have been more. I think I'll try and play these tables late because of all the action. It seemed like there were many players seeing the flop, but not a ton of chasers to the river with anything. I played tight solid and definitely played well enough where I should have walked away a winner.

I'm short of my $2K goal right now, but Apple is offering students a sweet deal. Buy a MacBook and get a free I-Pod nano, 2GB. I need about $1,300 to buy what I want, and then get the rebate, so I might pull out a bunch of money and start all over from scratch.

I know I'm getting around $200 rakeback next month, so that'll comtribute to the roll. Plus, I have stacked boni (bonuses) in Absolute that need to be cleared.

Rakeback for Others

What I am now offering any player who signs up at Absolute through me is every dime you make me, you will get back! You have 2 months and up to $100. I'll also send you some casino used playing cards from the Reservation of Fun here in Milwaukee. Nice cards, good for homegames!

As always,

Good Luck at the Tables,


AKA Keith

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Gift in the Mail

I had some poker points at one website who finally opened their store. I'm not naming them, because I'm not a huge fan of them. I did get Harrington on Hold 'Em: Volume 2 on Tuesday. I'm already on page 120. It's the easiest reading on earth.

I've got a few questions already, which I'll ask at the forums I belong to. http://www.sharkpokertour.com/phpbb2/ . And I'll probably ask here too www.internettexasholdem.com . I'm a big fan of both. Posting as GUMBY on both sites.

Badger Poker Freeroll

For those of you who are regular readers, you know that I play freeroll tournaments in Milwaukee. www.badgerpoker.net . They are live tournaments at local bars. They have seasons where the finals winner gets a trip to Vegas and other final table prizes are chip sets, tables, and such. There are bar tabs, t-shirts, hats, hooded sweatshirts, keychains, and other prizes for the tourneys leading up to the finals. You need so many points to make it in. I don't play that often, so I usually need a good couple finishes.

I played on Tuesday night and ended up finishing 15th after a tight night of cards. It's almost like any other freeroll, but people can't find another game right after, so it's a little better competition. I sat at a table with a friend I haven't seen since we played the $50 buy-in tourneys at another friend's place.

We are all seated, and the tourney started at 7:30 instead of the normal 7 because of another party in the room before hand. Well, one of the players was yelling to Jason, the director, to get it started. I said that it started at 7:30 and I saw that on the website when I registered. Then I made a smart ass comment that ended up going a little far. I said you can keep yelling if you want to, but I don't know if it'd help. He didn't appreciate that and didn't realize that I am a smart ass at times. I meant nothing by it.

This turned into a 5 minute bantering match between him and me that led to a lot of laughs at the table. He was a loud guy throughout the rest of the tournament, and ended up playing a solid game. His "Rules" for the first hour, is that he goes all in first hand AND don't raise his big blind. He was serious too. He went all in when anyone raised his big blind.

This little rule helped me at the end of the first hour. I hadn't played a single hand for a raise and raised utg with A-4 clubs. I got 2 callers. I went into the flop with the best hand and flopped the nut flush. Sweet! Now I have chips.

The only other meaningful hand I had was pushing all in after one player went all in. He had 3s, I had 7s. He turned his set and then our table broke. Down to 2 tables and nothing interesting. Folded my blinds to 2 big bets and went all in for $25K with 10-2 hearts with blinds at 5k-10k. I'm out and I go home. That's it.


Friday, August 11, 2006


Slight Bump

I dropped some money, no thanks to the calling stations at Absolute Poker. I need to bounce back, play my solid poker and get back to my goal of $2K. I have to try and find time to play in a larger tourney to try a score a big cash. That's where I do my best.

Playing the 2/4 and 3/6 tables mainly, and even threw in some Omaha 8s. Doing well at those tables, but I took a beating at a loose 5/10 table where I went into the flop with the best hand 95% of the time and lost 90% of the time. I couldn't catch a break. The 5/10 tables at Absolute Poker HATE ME!

I think I'm moving over to Sun Poker because of all the weak players that seem to be there. I hear that the UK players call down with unpaired weak aces. Plus, they give you a $100 deposit bonus every month and I get rakeback there as well.

I still need to play in one of those Super Weekday Satellites at Party Poker to see if I can get a $162 buy-in to try and score a big win. Next week I'll try hard. I need to get working on finding a J O B too!


I watched the WSOP final table live yesterday and it took forever. 9 players and I watched most of it. I ended up going to bed around 5AM CST when they began heads up play. I figured the Gold, with the monster chip lead, wouldn't have a problem finishing the weaker player heads up, and he didn't.

See you at the tables,


Monday, August 07, 2006


Just Some Fun

This is an old picture, but it's all I have at work. Just thought I needed to add some more pictures of hands I was in to the mix. I began playing 3/6 again because the 1/2 tables are too tough to beat regularly. Too many chasers and such. 3/6 players can lay down a hand. So my tight image will win me more money over the long run.

Friday, August 04, 2006


My Bankroll

I wasn't doing so hot at Full Tilt, -$200 so I cashed out the remaining $400 there. I'll be depositing there soon, once my bankroll gets above $2K because I'll be buying a MacBook and Full Tilt and Bugsy's Club are the only 2 sites I know of that have Mac software. I put that $400 in Absolute for a 35% reload bonus. After that big tourney win, I took out a little over $1K and placed it in Neteller and also have a $30 transfer from Poker Champs.

Sidenote: Poker Champs no longer accepts players that live in the United States. I don't know exactly why this is, but they had some of the worst tournament players on the internet.

I left $600 in Absolute to play the $20 tourneys, the Shark Poker Tour $5.50 events, and the 1/2 tables. I still have over $100 to clear there in bonuses and will reload the next time it becomes available with the $1K I have for an additional $300 in bonus $$$. I should have $2K in about 2 weeks. I won't have much time to play so we'll see.

I'll be getting my rakeback from Absolute for a little over $100. I was playing mainly at Full Tilt to clear the 100% bonus, but it is fairly difficult to clear. I have accumulated 1000 Full Tilt Points, but have only cleared $60. At Absolute, this would have been $100 in bonus. Unlike Absolute though, I have until November to clear it, so the bonus money will clear slowly throughout my play there.

Right now I have $0 invested. After I pulled out all my money a few months ago, I spent some points on Absolute for $40 and they gave me $10 for not playing there in a while. Got $40 free from Party and cashed out $100 with $11 left in there for the super weekday satellite.

Actual $$$ 1070+613 = $1683
Uncleared Bonus $$$ $111 (Absolute)+$540 (Full Tilt)=$651
Rakeback for July (Not Exact) = $100
Total Real $$$ Around $1800

Not too bad for nothing investment. I also had some Share Points from Poker Share. They finally opened their store, but will only be open for around 2 months. Weird. I got Harrington on Hold Em Volume 2, which I've been wanting. I didn't want to pay for it because I saw they had it and I had enough points for it. I also got some cards, because I still had 400 points left. Like I really need more cards, but I couldn't let them go to waste.

I have 19K Absolute Rewards Points (ARPs) and I'm saving up for the poker table. 100K points and you need to be an Elite or Platinum VIP member. I'm a VIP member, but once I get close enough to the points needed, I'll play hardcore for a month or two and then cash them in for the table. It's not one of those cheap folding tables either. It's real nice.

See you at the tables,


Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Biggest Win to Date!

How does $1,187.55 sound!? I took 2nd in the Absolute Poker $4K Guaranteed Rebuy Tourney today. Chopped the pot, but it should have been mine. I limped with Aces on the small blind and got him to go all in preflop. He made a pair on the flop and 2 pair on the river.

We played heads up for about an hour then decided to chop it. We played for tournament leader board points and he won, but his play changed considerably when that happened. He was much more aggressive. I think I would have beat him, we had about identical chip stacks, but an extra $237 for sure is fine with me.

I bought in initially for the $20, then did a double add on after the first hour. That's the way to do it. Try double up in the first hour, then add on.

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