100% Signup Bonus up to $750

100% up to $750

Monday, January 30, 2006


Little Venting and Some Good News

So I was playing in a $10+1 multi-table tourney at Poker Room. Great tourney site, by the way. 203 people, over $600 for first place. Down to 15 and I get 8-8 in the big blind. Now, I don't play many hands and I have good information on the other players in the hand.

Blinds are $500-$1000, I've got about 15,000 in chips. Player UTG (Under the Gun) limps with A-5, mid position player limps with 10-J, I raise to $6000. Both players call. WTF!

Flop comes A-6-3 rainbow. Check, check, all-in for 15,000. I of course am pissed that an ace fell and sure as hell knew that one of these assholes was playing a shitty ace.

I fold and the other player with the weak ace calls. Holy cow! What horrible play. I'm not out yet, but saw some horrible play after that. People limp calling all-ins with bad hands. Wow!

Okay, enough of that. I end up short stacked having to call one of these terrible players heads up with Q-3. Needless to say, they actually have a hand, K-K, and I'm done in 14th place. A wopping $20 and change. Make $9 for all that hard work. Limper with A-5, ends up winning.

If I played that hand wrong, let me know.


ALL RIGHT! For the good news. Stacks Poker is beginning BETA Testing. This means that we will get a look at the new 3D graphics soon. Register through my site and you will get 100% deposit bonus when you first deposit, up to $100. I can't wait. They are giving away a ton of free money. All you have to do is play for free and tell them where the bugs are. It's a great deal.

Good Luck,


Monday, January 23, 2006


Stacks Poker 3D Preview

Stacks Poker 3D preview. Beta Testing coming soon. Awesome deposit bonus too. 100% up to $100. Use WISPOKER to get that when you sign up. Or just use one of my links to Stacks Poker at the side.

Thursday, January 19, 2006



I am offering rakeback to everybody who signs up at Absolute Poker through me. It's a great deal. Last month I received $69 back for playing at the site. This month, my affiliate told me I'm getting over $200. And the month isn't over yet.

This added bonus to playing is available at certain sites. I would highly recommend doing this to increase your winnings, or decrease your losses. Everybody gets a bad run of cards sometimes.

Last week, ever pair over pair I had caught a set. 7s against JJ, 10s against QQ, 3s against AA. Everybody also hit ever one of their draws on me and I couldn't catch one. It was one of those days. Lost $300 in about an hour playing 3-6 and 5-10. Cashed out some money and am trying to work my way back up.

I haven't done well in the live games either. I'm still up, but am feeling a little beat up on poker. I think I'm going to take a week off when school starts next week. Don't have many classes, but might just give myself a refresher. Sometimes it's necessary to regain focus.

Let me know how everybody else is doing. My buddy is up $100 on Absolute and he's getting a few bucks back with rakeback. Start small and move up. Don't jump in playing 3-6 right away.

I began with $100. I cleared my $200 bonus playing 1/2 and some 2/4 and had around $600. I moved up to 2-4 exclusively. I began to see that the 3/6 games were easy so I played some 3/6 with my 2/4. Kept winning. Now, I'm back at square one. Payed some bills and am going to get my stack up again. Easy games everywhere, especially at Absolute.

Good Luck,


Monday, January 09, 2006


Update and Rakeback

When I began playing more seriously a month ago, I began playing .50/1 and 1/2 limit. I moved up to mostly 2/4 games and some 3/6 games after winning around $500. Now I've won over $1000 playing mostly 3/6 and some 5/10. I am staying at 3/6 shorthanded at Absolute Poker and am beginning to see a good profit.

I am going to be playing at 2 sites for a little while, trying to do a $330 bonus chase at Full Contact Poker. I'll start at 1/2 and move up when my bankroll at the site gets bigger. Playing right now and players seem like a good mix of good and bad. Shorthanded is where it's at though. I have better luck there.

I have money in 3 sites right now: Poker Champs, Absoute Poker, and Full Contact Poker. I play at them for different reasons.

Comments welcome.

Good Luck,


Thursday, January 05, 2006


Absolute Heaven

Absolute Poker is a haven for bad players and heaven for good players. I'm beginning to move up in limits. I began at .50/1 and 1/2 mainly. Now 1/2 only enters my mind if there's no other good games available.

I play mostly 2/4 now and sometimes 3/6 (only when I can find bad players). I crushed a 3/6 game last night for around $120, in about 45 minutes. It helped that I flopped a set of 4s with an ace on board, $100 pot.

I also won a $10 3 table sit 'n go a few days ago. $108 for first. I recommend these tourneys because they don't take as long as the big multi-tables, but can prepare you for them, unlike the single table sit 'n gos.

Right now Absolute has a good deposit bonus, not as good as last month's, but still okay. 100% bonus, up to $300. If you have the money, it's actually better. Use the link on the right.

Good Luck,


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