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100% up to $750

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Free XBox

Pokershare is back in business. I just received an e-mail on Monday telling me that the Pokershare name is back and the dispute they had with Ultimate Bet (UB) is settled.

For those of you who don't know what happened, here it is. Pokershare was a skin of Ultimate Bet. It's good software and they knew it. What Pokershare did was offer players a percentage of the overall earnings of the site. So quarterly, based on the earnings of the site, they would put this money in a trust.

This trust would then dish out the money to the players based on how many "Share Points" they have. These points never expire and they accumulate. So the longer you play there, the more points you would have, and the more $$$$ you would make.

Now, UB, aka Big Brother, was pissed off because they were stealing players away from them. This led to the closing of every U.S. account they held at the drop of a hat. They didn't tell anybody and just sent checks. Everybody held their breath hoping to get the money the had in their account. We all got every penny. Phew!

This was in November and everybody swore they would never play there again. Well, tempers settled and Pokershare has given all the old players their points back and some cash in their account based on how many points they had. I got $50 for having around 1800 points. They have now implemented a store where you can go spend these "Share Points."

Some of the things they have in their store:

Wow! So if you play there enough, you can buy yourself a car. Maybe I'll have that many points someday. I'm not sure if I'll play there or not, but I'll give it a chance. They gave me $50 so they can't be all bad. Not sure on how the software is either. If it's good, maybe I'll stay. If it's bad, then no way!

I'll become an affiliate whenever I can so I can hopefully pass on more savings and benefits to my players. Rakeback and deposit boni.

Good Luck,


Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Great Caller!

Home Game Report

This is a good one. $25 buy-in, 2 tables, 14 people, top 3 pay, $200 for first. Not a bad turnout.

First tourney

We start with 2500 in chips, blinds 25-50. Few decent hands. Stole some blinds early from button, then got A-K on button, raise again from button. BB calls, flop an ace, bet, BB folds. Show hand.

Few hands later, in BB get 5-5. One limper, SB calls, I raise to 300. Limper calls. Flop Q-4-2. I bet 400. Immediate raise. I go into the tank. Thinking, apologize to table. I put him on Q-J or Q-10 suited. Probably Q-J. Can I raise him out? NO, I've played with him before, I know he'd call with that. I fold. He shows the Q-J diamonds. Nice laydown.

Not even in this hand, but wanted to share it. Pre-flop aggressor and very good aggressive player raises to 300. One call, then re-raise by a very tight player. I'm in small blind with K-Q spades, I gone. Raiser calls, callers calls, 3 to the flop. Q hearts- x hearts- x. Raiser goes all in. Caller and re-raiser call. WTF can they all have? Turn x- heart. Caller goes all in and re-raiser calls. Didn't see what raiser had, but caller made nut flush with A-10 hearts and re-raiser had K-K. River doesn't matter.

Good pre-flop fold! Two players out in one hand. Then a few hands later, this comes up, my last hand.

I raise to 400 one off the button with A-4 os, button calls. Flop is 9-9-10. I bet 300, call. Turn 10. I go into tank, look at him, then move all in. Knew he didn't have it, he calls in about 3 seconds. Nice call, good game. I turn over my hand, he doesn't turn his over until after river. He turns over 7-8 off suit. Sweet, horrible call, I win. NOPE! River 6. HOLY DONKFUCKER! Are you serious? What kind of a call was that? Party Poker play money? He's invited to every one of my homegames.

Second Tourney

At some Chinese food, then played in another small tourney. $10, 5 players, winner take all. Played solid, didn't catch cards. I thanked myself for playing so tight when I folded A-6 os after a solid tight player raised. That's a solid starting hand with 5 players. BB calls. Flop A-6-3 rainbow. Shit, I folded a winner. NOPE! Raiser bets flop, then shows AA. Boy do I feel good.

I get short stacked when small blind flops three 6s. Oh well. It's stop or go time. I'm in sb with A-Q hearts. Button raises, I go all in knowing he'll call. He does with A-9 and flops a 9. Oh well, good game. Not as bad as the last tourney.

Don't have much time to do that again, but will be looking forward to the next one in a few months.

Good Luck,


Monday, March 20, 2006


Poker Tricks

Hey guys,

Click the title to go to a website that has incredible information about online poker play. These are secrets that pros don't want you to know about. No obligation to buy, but just check it out. You might find some useful information.



Friday, March 17, 2006


Sorry About Stacks

I'm putting a post here to apologize on behalf of a totally unprofessional site, Stacks Poker. I endorsed them hoping to play on what seemed to be some of the coolest software on the net. I know that some of you signed up through me and I apologize. I can get you a better deal elsewhere!! Just e-mail me. pokergumby@hotmail.com

They apparently went under about 3 weeks ago and never told anybody. All it would have taken is an hour to e-mail all the affiliates so that they could realize that this site would never happen. There are tons of sites out there and they need us more than we need them.

Once again, I'm sorry to those who registered for Stacks.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006


My Rakeback

I received my rakeback for February today and it was $641. Holy #@%*! I knew it was over $500, but didn't realize by how much. You can get the same amount of money back each month by registering at Absolute Poker through me.

It's a great incentive to register through an affiliate that is trustworthy enough and can get you money back every month. I am that trustworthy person you are looking for. Just a college student, about to graduate. For those who want to know more about me, go to MySpace and find me. www.myspace.com/keithalberts

Good luck at the tables,


Monday, March 13, 2006


Home Game

Hey guys,

I'm having a home tourney at my place on Tuesday March 21. $25 buy in and $5 for food and booze. I'll either get subs or pizza. I'm on spring break so I'll have some time to actually play a little.

E-mail me ASAP so I can get a good head count, and if it's big enough, possibly move to a larger location. My friend has more room at his place. I can fit around 15 comfortably.



Wednesday, March 08, 2006


New Players

New Player Suggestions!

1) Click the link on right for Bugsy's Club. This is where I started. A lot of low limit games and great low buy-in tourneys. Deposit what you can, you get a 50% bonus, up to $300. Play low limits until you clear bonus, then move up.

2) Buy, here's the important part, and read Lee Jones' Low Limit Hold 'Em.

3) Once you have $500, change sites. I suggest using the link for Absolute Poker. You get a 100% bonus, up to $500 which clears quickly at 2/4 and above. You also get 20% rakeback through me, which can add up at the end of the month.

4) Improve your game through forums and study.

Ask me if you have any questions.

Good Luck,


Thursday, March 02, 2006


20% Rakeback

I have decided to take a pay cut and offer my players a better deal. I am offering anyone who registers through me a 20% rakeback. This is an awesome deal. I am receiving over $500 back for the month of February, but as the last post shows, I'm not going to be playing for a few months.

Some of my players are getting around $30-$40 back this month. You can get more by getting better and moving up to higher limits of play. It is an awesome system where you can cut your losses and improve your winnings. I wouldn't play without it.

You also get a 100%, $300 deposit bonus and they give re-load bonuses every week. Ask me how that works.

E-mail me with any questions you have.

Good Luck,


Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Busted Up!

Okay, so I've taken a beating ($1000 in a week) and am taking a small retreat from poker. I will still be posting, but not as often. I walk away a winner, but would like to be a bigger winner.

I am a continued student of the game, so I will keep learning and teaching. I'll get back to it hard after school's over. I get good rakeback and there are bad players out there.

Good Luck,


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