100% Signup Bonus up to $750

100% up to $750

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Abolute Minimum Wage

I played in a Pot Limit (PL) Omaha freeroll at Absolute Poker100% Bonus up to $100 last night. Started with 2000 people. I ended up playing for more than 4 hours and took 4th place. What did that pay you ask? 4s are wild, $4. "That's like a dollar an hour" (Napoleon Dynamite).

Yeah, so I played for 4 hours and walked with $4. I was chip leader for a lot of the tournament. Tripled up twice with trips and the nut straight on flop. I was just trying to improve my game a little bit. I want to expand my expertise.

I did make some money playing limit hold 'em though. There was one player who decided to raise everything to the river. Didn't matter what it was. Made about $20 off of him. It may have been the wife ditching all his money so he couldn't play anymore. Who knows?

Anyway, check out Absolute Poker200% Bonus up to $200. They have fantastic games and good tournaments. If you want to do low limits, I'd suggest the $2.00+.20 sit 'n gos. I've been killing those right now. Like I said, I'm in college and trying to make a few bucks.

My goal for the year, to get a buy-in to a major WSOP or WPT event. Got $20 in Absolute through an affiliate, and am trying to make it grow without depositing. It's working so far. If it doesn't, I still have that wicked bonus to deposit.

Good Luck,


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