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100% up to $750

Monday, November 07, 2005


Caribbean Sun

Okay, so PokerShare pissed me off. I've cooled off a little since. I received my check very fast and was actually quite worried that I might not receive it. I'm putting my money into another site called Caribbean Sun.

Check it out. Decent software and the players are DONKS! Take that $100 you got from Imperial Poker and put it here. You get $50 for depositing, after 200 hands. Then $40 after you complete 50 more. Every month you play 250 hands, they give you $40. Good stuff!

My screen name is GUMBY55 at Caribbean Sun. Playing 1/2 and below right now. Trying to build a bankroll. I'm still in college!

If you're still in college, check out the College Poker Championship website listed under the links. Use AUL655 and help me pay for college.

Good Luck,


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