100% Signup Bonus up to $750

100% up to $750

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Absolute Heaven

Absolute Poker is a haven for bad players and heaven for good players. I'm beginning to move up in limits. I began at .50/1 and 1/2 mainly. Now 1/2 only enters my mind if there's no other good games available.

I play mostly 2/4 now and sometimes 3/6 (only when I can find bad players). I crushed a 3/6 game last night for around $120, in about 45 minutes. It helped that I flopped a set of 4s with an ace on board, $100 pot.

I also won a $10 3 table sit 'n go a few days ago. $108 for first. I recommend these tourneys because they don't take as long as the big multi-tables, but can prepare you for them, unlike the single table sit 'n gos.

Right now Absolute has a good deposit bonus, not as good as last month's, but still okay. 100% bonus, up to $300. If you have the money, it's actually better. Use the link on the right.

Good Luck,


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