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100% up to $750

Monday, January 30, 2006


Little Venting and Some Good News

So I was playing in a $10+1 multi-table tourney at Poker Room. Great tourney site, by the way. 203 people, over $600 for first place. Down to 15 and I get 8-8 in the big blind. Now, I don't play many hands and I have good information on the other players in the hand.

Blinds are $500-$1000, I've got about 15,000 in chips. Player UTG (Under the Gun) limps with A-5, mid position player limps with 10-J, I raise to $6000. Both players call. WTF!

Flop comes A-6-3 rainbow. Check, check, all-in for 15,000. I of course am pissed that an ace fell and sure as hell knew that one of these assholes was playing a shitty ace.

I fold and the other player with the weak ace calls. Holy cow! What horrible play. I'm not out yet, but saw some horrible play after that. People limp calling all-ins with bad hands. Wow!

Okay, enough of that. I end up short stacked having to call one of these terrible players heads up with Q-3. Needless to say, they actually have a hand, K-K, and I'm done in 14th place. A wopping $20 and change. Make $9 for all that hard work. Limper with A-5, ends up winning.

If I played that hand wrong, let me know.


ALL RIGHT! For the good news. Stacks Poker is beginning BETA Testing. This means that we will get a look at the new 3D graphics soon. Register through my site and you will get 100% deposit bonus when you first deposit, up to $100. I can't wait. They are giving away a ton of free money. All you have to do is play for free and tell them where the bugs are. It's a great deal.

Good Luck,


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