100% Signup Bonus up to $750

100% up to $750

Thursday, January 19, 2006



I am offering rakeback to everybody who signs up at Absolute Poker through me. It's a great deal. Last month I received $69 back for playing at the site. This month, my affiliate told me I'm getting over $200. And the month isn't over yet.

This added bonus to playing is available at certain sites. I would highly recommend doing this to increase your winnings, or decrease your losses. Everybody gets a bad run of cards sometimes.

Last week, ever pair over pair I had caught a set. 7s against JJ, 10s against QQ, 3s against AA. Everybody also hit ever one of their draws on me and I couldn't catch one. It was one of those days. Lost $300 in about an hour playing 3-6 and 5-10. Cashed out some money and am trying to work my way back up.

I haven't done well in the live games either. I'm still up, but am feeling a little beat up on poker. I think I'm going to take a week off when school starts next week. Don't have many classes, but might just give myself a refresher. Sometimes it's necessary to regain focus.

Let me know how everybody else is doing. My buddy is up $100 on Absolute and he's getting a few bucks back with rakeback. Start small and move up. Don't jump in playing 3-6 right away.

I began with $100. I cleared my $200 bonus playing 1/2 and some 2/4 and had around $600. I moved up to 2-4 exclusively. I began to see that the 3/6 games were easy so I played some 3/6 with my 2/4. Kept winning. Now, I'm back at square one. Payed some bills and am going to get my stack up again. Easy games everywhere, especially at Absolute.

Good Luck,


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