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100% up to $750

Monday, January 09, 2006


Update and Rakeback

When I began playing more seriously a month ago, I began playing .50/1 and 1/2 limit. I moved up to mostly 2/4 games and some 3/6 games after winning around $500. Now I've won over $1000 playing mostly 3/6 and some 5/10. I am staying at 3/6 shorthanded at Absolute Poker and am beginning to see a good profit.

I am going to be playing at 2 sites for a little while, trying to do a $330 bonus chase at Full Contact Poker. I'll start at 1/2 and move up when my bankroll at the site gets bigger. Playing right now and players seem like a good mix of good and bad. Shorthanded is where it's at though. I have better luck there.

I have money in 3 sites right now: Poker Champs, Absoute Poker, and Full Contact Poker. I play at them for different reasons.

Comments welcome.

Good Luck,


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