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100% up to $750

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Tourney Cash

Doing well at Absolute Poker. Like I said in earlier posts, I cashed out and started all over with $50. A good week and I'm up over $500.

$20 buy in NL tourney. Took 4th for $123. Not great, but played well and got lucky when I was short stacked on the bubble.

Once I get my rakeback, will cash out again for at least $600. Rakeback rules. I give rakeback to my players, mostly low limit players. They're still happy with the $20 they get back. I'm getting over $200 this month.

Any questions, just ask.

Good Luck,


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I have no idea about this site. I'm skeptical about sites that have numerous ads like that. How many people will actually use it. I would recommend using google and buying clicks.
Hey G

That guy above you asking a question is a spammer. He does that all over the net.

I just found yer bloggage. Looks good! I'll read it today.
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