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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Unpoker Related

This post is completely unpoker related, but interesting.

I work as a bartender at a nightclub in Milwaukee. From time to time we get athletes that come in. Recently, Kyle Orton was in to take some time off from actually getting better. We also have some regulars that are Milwaukee Bucks players. I'll keep them anon.

Monday night is a busy night, we do $1 martinis for women until midnight. No, it's not fun making a shit ton of martinis. The New Jersey Nets are in town to play a game on Tuesday night against the Bucks. Needless to say, NBA players like to go out and party, and that's what the Nets' players were doing. I served Vince Carter and some of the other Net players and they seemed like genuinely nice guys.

It was cool to see such a big name NBA player hanging out in a baseball cap and baggy clothes. He took some pictures, but not many. He was just having fun with his friends (crew), drinking Hennessy.

That's my interesting story.


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