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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Great Caller!

Home Game Report

This is a good one. $25 buy-in, 2 tables, 14 people, top 3 pay, $200 for first. Not a bad turnout.

First tourney

We start with 2500 in chips, blinds 25-50. Few decent hands. Stole some blinds early from button, then got A-K on button, raise again from button. BB calls, flop an ace, bet, BB folds. Show hand.

Few hands later, in BB get 5-5. One limper, SB calls, I raise to 300. Limper calls. Flop Q-4-2. I bet 400. Immediate raise. I go into the tank. Thinking, apologize to table. I put him on Q-J or Q-10 suited. Probably Q-J. Can I raise him out? NO, I've played with him before, I know he'd call with that. I fold. He shows the Q-J diamonds. Nice laydown.

Not even in this hand, but wanted to share it. Pre-flop aggressor and very good aggressive player raises to 300. One call, then re-raise by a very tight player. I'm in small blind with K-Q spades, I gone. Raiser calls, callers calls, 3 to the flop. Q hearts- x hearts- x. Raiser goes all in. Caller and re-raiser call. WTF can they all have? Turn x- heart. Caller goes all in and re-raiser calls. Didn't see what raiser had, but caller made nut flush with A-10 hearts and re-raiser had K-K. River doesn't matter.

Good pre-flop fold! Two players out in one hand. Then a few hands later, this comes up, my last hand.

I raise to 400 one off the button with A-4 os, button calls. Flop is 9-9-10. I bet 300, call. Turn 10. I go into tank, look at him, then move all in. Knew he didn't have it, he calls in about 3 seconds. Nice call, good game. I turn over my hand, he doesn't turn his over until after river. He turns over 7-8 off suit. Sweet, horrible call, I win. NOPE! River 6. HOLY DONKFUCKER! Are you serious? What kind of a call was that? Party Poker play money? He's invited to every one of my homegames.

Second Tourney

At some Chinese food, then played in another small tourney. $10, 5 players, winner take all. Played solid, didn't catch cards. I thanked myself for playing so tight when I folded A-6 os after a solid tight player raised. That's a solid starting hand with 5 players. BB calls. Flop A-6-3 rainbow. Shit, I folded a winner. NOPE! Raiser bets flop, then shows AA. Boy do I feel good.

I get short stacked when small blind flops three 6s. Oh well. It's stop or go time. I'm in sb with A-Q hearts. Button raises, I go all in knowing he'll call. He does with A-9 and flops a 9. Oh well, good game. Not as bad as the last tourney.

Don't have much time to do that again, but will be looking forward to the next one in a few months.

Good Luck,


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