100% Signup Bonus up to $750

100% up to $750

Saturday, April 22, 2006


$750 BONUS

I wish this was available when I first started playing here. Absolute Poker is having a 100% deposit bonus, up to $750. Click on Absolute Poker or the title and use AP750 when depositing. This is a limited time offer, so do this ASAP!

Tourney Report

Played with some friends last night at a church (don't know how it's legal) and had a great time. We had 5 show for the first game which I took second and got my money back. Second game with 6 players, went out when a calling station extrordinaire, called with a better hand than me. No pair, better ace. Questionable but he ended up second. He can play anytime he wants.

I'll have more on my strategy in another post for these short games, but I don't have time right now. If you want details, e-mail me at pokergumby@hotmail.com.

Good Luck,


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