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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Gavin Shmavin

I watched the WPT last night, where Harrington, Minh Ly, and Gavin Smith were the final 3 left. From everything I've seen from Gavin, I don't like him. This stems from more than one viewing of him.

I read an article where he was talking about people saying that Daniel Negreanu was the best Canadian player eh. He was saying that he is better than DN and is from Canada. This season will give him some credibility towards that statement, but it won't give him any fans. I believe that being humble and not saying, "Where's my notoriety? Waaa, waaa, waaa!"

That's bullshit! You get notoriety by being an asshole, I think you're almost there, or by playing well, you're almost there too. I think Gavin is a good tough player. He takes the Gus Hansen style of hand selection and is aggressive. He may be the Gus Hansen of the WPT Season 4. A couple wins. Who knows? Time will tell.

On a sidenote, has anybody noticed that Hansen never sees a final table during the WSOP? Why is that? Just a thought.

Good Luck,


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