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Thursday, April 06, 2006


Live 2/4

Okay, so the Neteller incident is cleared up. I will be getting ALL of my money back. Phew! I will be changing my bank accounts once I set up a new checking account strictly for Neteller and online pokah.

What I forgot to post, since I was so pissed about that, was I played some 2/4 at the Potawatomi poker room. A friend called and said he was itchin'. He's been on a roll lately so I decided to go with him. He sat 3/6 and won $60. I sat 2/4 and...well, we'll see.

Called ahead, went to poker room to check in, got a pager. Went to sign my friend up for a player's club card and he got the receptionist's digits. I ended up sitting down a little while after my buddy got his table. Fairly long wait, and expensive. Lost $60 playing roulette. Shit! All the blackjack tables were full and I was itching when I walked in the door.

Get called for the table, get my rack, sit down, and wait to post. Only 3 hands, shows I'm patient and solid, so I thought. The table was nice, very few raises pre-flop and lots of limpers. This would help later. The only solid players were to my immediate right and left. Cool. Easy to see what they were doing.

I knew I was leaving around 7-7:30 no matter how I was doing. This helped because I actually didn't get antsy to play. Figured I would remain around even, which I did, until picking up some hands. Lost a little when this one came up. I limped in late position with 5-7 clubs. Not usually a hand I'd play, but like I said, lots of limpers. Flop comes King high with 2 clubs. When it comes to me, there's already a bunch of callers, so I raise to make a bigger pot. A few end up folding, my tight image has worked slightly.

3 players to the turn, no club. Guy to my right bets, I call, guy to his right calls. River club, no pair. Sweet. Check, bet, I raise. First guy goes into tank for a minute, then calls, and another call. I say I got flush. First player waits to see then flips over his 8-3 of clubs. Wow! How he plays that makes me wonder. He almost folded the river too. Why would he go to river with that then fold if he hit? I can't answer that.

Not much else happens for another hour. Take some small ones, play pretty well. Like this hand. Flop of King high with 5 people in. I'm in BB and flop a pair of 10s. Check around. Turn 3d, which makes 3 diamonds on board. I bet, 2 callers. River diamond. I check, early position player bets, guy who plays 8-3 clubs calls. I know I'm beat with a 10 high flush and fold. Early position had Ad-Jh. Good fold and turn bet. Only lost $4.

Getting ready to leave soon, around 6:30. I get QQ in a kill pot and raise to $8. 2 callers, small blind and some guy in late position (LP). Flop comes Queen high with 2 spades. Check, I bet, LP raises. SB folds, I just call hoping to suck him in. Turn 10, which makes a straight possible with J-9. I check, LP bets $8 and I raise to $16. He thinks, then folds. I don't show, but tell them I had a set of queens. LP says, "so did I." What? "With a jack." Oh. Whatever, I had $16 from him. I only raised because I worried about the straight coming. Good raise, he could have hit it.

About to leave, when I get AA on the button. Once again, limpers galore. I raise and get everybody to call. 8-5-2 rainbow. Somebody bets, and I raise. 2 callers to the 5 on the turn. Check, check, I bet. 2 callers to the river. 3. Check, check, I bet. First guy says, "somebody has to have a pair better than an 8," and folds. Old man calling station calls and I show my aces. He mucks.

I've only been to the casino to play poker a few times there, but I recognize some of the players and notice they are calling stations. This guy was one of them. I wait until the blinds get back around, then cash out. Up $88 on the session, $28 for the day. On the way out, my buddy and I pick up some used casino decks of cards. They're free. Why not? I've got a number of them at my house, in my car, in my backpack. You never know.

The poker room at Potawatomi has 10 tables. I suggest you call ahead. http://www.paysbig.com/gaming/poker.htm

Good Luck,


Found your blog through Daniel's forum. Sorry you took a beating there with ? about Arieh. Great read here - I will be back.
Yeah, I just decided that a simple question that comes with a barrage of questions doesn't fit me. I don't read his blog everyday and I don't watch poker all of the time. I love poker, am good at it, enjoy playing and watching, but don't spend every waking moment looking for something about it. I am well rounded in life, not just poker. I post frequenty at another forum with more beginners and find that they are nicer than at DN's forum. If you use Sharky's Blog link, there's a link on that blog for his forum. That's were I post usually. I read a lot of stuff on 2+2 and Internet Texas Hold 'Em (ITH).
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