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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Neteller Fraud

I woke up Monday morning for opening day, made some coffee, and checked my e-mail. Before I decide to shut my computer off, I check my bank account. Then I see the bad news. There was 2 withdrawals totaling over $800 into my Neteller account. Shit! I didn't do that.

I frantically try to login to Neteller and it says my account is closed. I call Neteller and they are receptive, but not that smart. I must e-mail the investigations department and I wait. What do I do? I go to the game and drink more than anybody should. Wow.

Hung out with some friends, played some 3 man (it's a dice game) and made it into the game for maybe 2 innings. I didn't watch any of it. Found some other friends inside, then came back out to drink some more. Go to bar, play some cribbage, go home at 8:30 because I have to work at 10. Didn't drive home or to work. I check my e-mail when I get home and they say they have recovered some of the funds. I can't talk to anybody that knows anything, they're not there. Call back during business hours. Well, I did that and they still aren't available. I need that money NOW, not in a week. Rent, car payment, bills. I'm in college and broke. THIS SHIT AIN'T COOL!

And it wasn't busy at work so I just took a nap there and had my girlfriend pick me up. Daytime hangovers suck.


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