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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Party Off!

I took Party Poker off of my blog because I don't believe in them. Not like they can't succeed, because clearly they can. I don't believe that they care about the poker players of the world, only aboot (not a typo) their $$$.

Party has Party Points. Well, everything that I worked to save up has been deleted because I haven't played there in a while. Why should I?

There it is. I'm done with Party, not forever, but for a while. The only reason to go back and play there would be for large satellite tourneys or large tournaments. They have the largest. Oh, and their homepage. Have you seen it. What web developer put this thing together? I put better webpages together and I'm not good. Get a free template or something. Wow!

I've noticed that my counter at the bottom of my webpage keeps going up. That's good. I'd like to hear from some people that regularly read it, so I can improve on the content that I post.


Good Luck,


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