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Monday, May 01, 2006


Goals for the Month

I am beginning to set my goals for the month of May. It's going to be a busy one.
  1. Graduate and then make it to the ceremony (best friend's bachelor party the night before, 2 states away)
  2. Finish class project so I CAN graduate
  3. Find another job to support myself (poker doesn't count) which will probably be another bartending job
  4. Begin work on my portfolio
  5. Play more poker and more importantly BETTER poker to make some moolah
  6. Go the gym to get a summer body, not winter luggage
  7. Watch more Cubs' games

I'll let you know how each of these went or are going. Shit, just got knocked out of tourney with Aces. I raised the hand before UTG with A-Qos and stole the blinds uncontested. Next hand UTG raises to $180 (blinds 30/60) and I re-raise to $385. I have about 1K left and he moves all-in quickly with 9s, I call fast. The fucker flops a set.

Just a $1 two-table sit 'n go, but I'm still pissed after I played so well, laying down a shit ton of hands when I knew I was beat and getting short-stacked. Then getting some back and this jagweed decides his 9s are good. Added to the list, take the few dollars I have in my sites and turn them into $100 at each site. I got $10 free from Absolute. I got $50 free from Pokershare. $10 free from Royal Vegas Poker. Lastly, I still have a few bucks in Full Contact Poker and Poker Champs.

I guess I'll be playing an enormous amount of low buy in tourneys and ring games. We'll see how that turns out.

Good Luck at the tables,


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