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Friday, May 26, 2006


New Look

Couple things. I've updated the look of my blog and feel that it is easier to read. I like it. Give me some feedback on it.

I played in a $2 buy-in tourney last night on Absolute Poker, just looking to kill some time. What I did was kill the competition. 275 entrants, $125 for first. Not too bad for such a little investment. I was middle stack most of the way. Worked myself up to second in chips. Back to middle of the road at final table, then I limped with AA utg (under the gun). One caller, then the BB raises, I push all in. Limper folds, BB calls. Pocket 8s. I survive a little longer.

Started heads up, 3-1 ahead on chips. That didn't last. Played HU for about 20 minutes. Tight play and we both got lucky at points. Great hand when I flop the nuts with J-9 os. I check, he checks. Turn 7 pairs the board. I bet. He raises. Sweet, he's got a 7. I go all in and he calls quick. Board doesn't pair and get big lead.

Last hand blinds were big and I raise enough to pot commit. He's got JJ. I catch a straight on the river with K-5 os. HEHE! Sometimes it pays to get lucky. Overall, I played well and got lucky when I needed to. I was only an underdog in hands when I played HU. Not too shabby!

Lastly, if anybody signs up through me and plays 100 raked hands of .50/1 or higher at Absolute, I will send you 2 decks of playing cards free. I pay the shipping. You will also get the famous rakeback. E-mail me with any questions.

Good Luck,

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