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Friday, June 16, 2006



I played in 2 tournaments at Absolute Poker last night. I played in a $5 Shark Poker Tour event that's held every Thursday night. Usually around 50-60 people with $200 added, paying 9 places, and a $20 bounty on the host's head makes for a good investment. There are also many great players so it helps your game out tremendously, unlike some events with donks everywhere. Those make for good paydays, but don't really help your game. I placed somewhere in the teens of that tournament.

I made a move in the middle when I called out of BB with 10-8 os and check raised when A-K-5 rainbow board hit. Player called and we checked down with another Ace hitting turn. He had K-10, what a call. I had only 900 chips left, so I decided that even if he didn't have an ace, he could, and more importantly, WOULD call. I was left short stacked, got up to around 2400 and lost some in the blinds that were getting bigger, then moved all in with 6s for about 1200. Got called by QQ and lost. Oh well.

Early, I would have been a monster chip leader and wouldn't have to make these types of plays had I called out of small blind when I would've hit 2 pair. Another hand, limped in late position with A-3 hearts for 20 and SB makes it 200. A few callers, but felt that it wasn't the right time. Would've flopped nut flush draw. Flop gets checked around with K high, turn brings another heart. Could've had at least a 1200 chip pot. Shit! Lots of could ofs would ofs in poker. That's how it is. We learn from our play and move on.

I was playing in a $10 3-table sit n go at Absolute also and was chip leader throughout most of it. I took out 3 players at the first table. Flopped a set of 5s with an ace on board. Those are the best money makers, and I'm not talking about Chris the douchebag. He's the luckiest fucker ever. I guess I would rather be lucky than good at the WSOP main event also. Anywho, I kept chippin' away and become a monster chip leader at my table. Made it down to the final 9, paid 5, a slight chip leader when we combined tables. Perfect position with the aggressive player with 2nd most chips to my right. I'm gonna win this I thought.

One by one, they were knocked off. I get a sweet flop when I called from SB with 7-4. Thought about folding, but there was only 5 players left, TIme to get lucky and BAM! 4-7-7. FUCK YEAH! Check, check, check. Turn 3. I bet small, around 600. Gets raised by BB to 1500. Limper folds, I re-raise and get called. River 3. Now I hope he has a 7 because he's going broke. I bet out small enough, around 1800, to get called and hopefully raised. He just calls and I show my monster. I'll take that huge pot thank you. Check the replay and he had ROCKETS! I said thanks for not raising pre-flop. He said nothing. He was slow playing a lot of hands throughout the tourney. He limped with KK and got a guy to go all-in after him with 10s on the final table bubble.

We get down to 3 and then it gets real fun. Good player (GP) who limps with monsters to my left, aggro on my right. Me and aggro are about even around 17K with GP around 5K. Aggro is very aggressive for about 15 minutes and I've got the chip lead on him. Then this hand comes up. I'm in BB with A-6 spades, aggro raises, I re-raise, he goes all-in and I quickly call. He has K-8 diamonds. Flop A-DIAMOND-DIAMOND. I'm like yes, shit. I only saw the Ace for a second. Turn blank, river 6. I make 2 pair, he makes third place money for his efforts. YEE HAW! I've got over 30K and GP has around 6K. Figured I'll take my time and I did.

We played for a while and then the blinds got to 600-1,200 and he had around 5K left. Finally, we both get our money in. I have K-2, he's got A-8. Flop comes 2-2-x. Very good game I say. He says the same. Got a little lucky at the end, but would still have had a chip lead on him. It was a hard fought battle with him pushing all-in on a few occassions, then me doing the same. We saw a few flops with no help to either of us and just checking down. With monster chips, I didn't want to give him any more than I had to and just waited for my spot. Good days effort -$5 for Shark Poker Tour buy-in. -$11 for sit n go buy-in. +$108 for tourney win = $92. Not bad. And I won $4 playing limit while I was at the final table. Overall good day, and gives me an ego boost, knowing I can play some good solid poker. Post some comments if you got any. I would like to see who is reading my blog, if anybody.

Thanks and Good Luck,


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