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Monday, June 05, 2006


Accomplished Goals?

I set goals for the month of May. How did I do you ask? Not too bad.

1. I did make it to graduation. My whole family was there which is nice because we don't get together all that often.

2. I got an A- for the class with a project and may actually have a consulting job through our client. Extremely part-time, but still extra $$$.

3. I got another bartending job, which will help pay the bills while I work on getting a book together to find a real job.

4. Just started working on some pro-bono work to get my book going.

5. Definitely played more poker, sometimes better, sometimes not. I'm up, but I'd like to make it up $400 so I can start playing some 2/4 games.

6. Haven't hit the gym yet. First day is tomorrow.

7. The Cubs have been sad. I'm not enjoying watching them lately, except for last weekend against the Cards. They were actually hitting the ball and had more confidence. Can't wait to see them in Cincinatti next weekend. Road trip report to come.

Overall, I'd say pretty good for the month. I need to set goals every month now so I can keep myself on path to becoming a better me. I put goals for June up hopefully tomorrow. New bed arrives tomorrow. Might try it out in the afternoon.


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