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Monday, June 12, 2006


Cincinnati Trip

I went to Cincinnati for a few Cubbies games this weekend. Had a blast. Rented a car and went with my girlfriend, my brother, and his wife. Car was nice, a Nissan Moreno, sp? It was an SUV with no AC. Brand new car, no air. Wasn't too bad for the ride back, but the ride down there was a little warm.

We left on Friday morning, got to Enterprise, and they don't take check cards without a bunch of shit. So we left an hour late. No huge deal. Picked up my brother and sister-in-law, and headed to Cincy. Traffic through Chicago sucked ass.

Pretty uneventful trip down. We stopped at a Wendy's for food, and they were in no hurry to get our food. It took longer than a fast food place should. About 10 people doing the job of 4. We weren't that far south. I'd hate to see how slow it gets the father south you go.

Arrive in Cincy about an hour and a half before gametime. They have a "Manager's Reception." AKA Open Bar! Sweet, let's save some $$$ by drinking a few before the game. Nice!

Left a about 15 minutes before gametime and walked across the river. We stayed in Kentucky. Beautiful day Friday was. Headed to our seats, and it took about 10 minutes to find them. We walked up and up and up, then we had to walk down and down and down. Got to our seats, pretty nice. Upper deck bleachers in left field. First row in second section, nobody in front of us, sun in our face.

Game went well, unlikely hero Henry Blanco hits 3 RBIs and Maddog gets his 325th or 335? Summin' like dat. Go grab some food after the game by our hotel and go to sleep. We're tired!

Saturday morning get some breakfast. They have a free for guests buffet with a omlette cook. Didn't get that Saturday, but would definitley on Sunday. We get ready, trying to switch our car (never happens), then take a shuttle to Levee something. They've got food, shops, stuff like that. AND, Gameworks, a place with games. We eat lunch at a sweet Irish Pub called Claddagh. I wasn't too hungry so I just split an appetizer with my brother. Great food and atmosphere. It felt like a real Irish Pub, not like I'd know, but if I were to guess what it would be like, that was it.

It started to pour, so we, actually I, decided to go to Gameworks. Got a card with points for $22. Played some racing games with everybody and did fairly well. My girlfriend was still talkin' smack about beating me a those mini-hoops games so I had to woop her ass. ALL 3 GAMES! He He!

Screwed around in there for a while, then we went back to the hotel. Hung out until the Manager's Reception started at 5:30. The game on Saturday was at 6:10 so we didn't have as long to drink. I managed to have 5, 16 oz. beers in a half hour. Holy Cow did I feel it later. Took a roadie with me and ended up spilling some of it when I tripped on my sister-in-laws foot when we were trying to kick each other in the ass. Laughed my ass off!

They're calling for rain, so we didn't mind making it into the game in the 2nd inning. Long story short, get wasted, Barrett hits a grand salami, I make an ass out of myself, go home and pass out, forgetting the last hour of the night.

Sunday morning, get hangover omelette. It's amazing. Have only 1 plate of food compared to 3 on Saturday morning, then head for home. Stopped at a Bob Evans on the way home, pretty good, but made us gassy. Have a run in with some douchebags in a Mercedes. Not from America and can't f%*#ing drive. Trying to impress the girls in the front seat, they speed up and break, speed up and break. Cut us off, and that's when the fingers started flying. A$$HOLES!

Total trip, about 14 hours in the car. Make it there and back in 2 tanks of gas, not bad. Returned the car this morning. Good trip! Next year, who knows?


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