100% Signup Bonus up to $750

100% up to $750

Monday, June 12, 2006


What to do with $100?

If I had $100 to deposit, I'd use the links on my page to get a bankroll (BR) going. I'd start with Bugsy's Club 100% deposit bonus and get an added $100. Bugsy's Club has many low buy-in ring games and small buy-in tourneys and decent leagues if you like to play a lot. I've finished in the money of the leagues a few times, but don't play there that often anymore. After I cleared the bonus of at least break even poker, I'd move to another site. BR up to $200.

I'd then move to another site. I'd use the Full Tilt Poker link and get a 100% deposit bonus again, giving me at least an extra $200, hopefully more. I'd move up limits to at least .50/1 with $25 buy-ins which leaves me with 8 buy-ins. Once again, play break even poker which leaves me with $400.

I'd then move to yet another site, Absolute Poker, get another 100% deposit bonus for an extra $400, at least. Clear that bonus at break even poker, leaves me with $800.

Now, I'd stay at Absolute, because first of all, I'd get rakeback which is added money at the end of each month. Secondly, they have a ton of deposit bonuses each week. All you have to do is transfer your money back and forth from the Neteller account to get these bonuses, usually 20-30%. Take out $300, put it back in during deposit time and get $60-$90. Not bad for doing nothing. You can do this each week.

See the pattern. You can play with the site's money, play decent enough poker not to lose, then get some money. Keep moving up levels, and if you do poorly, move back down. Play some $10-$20 buy-in tourneys and hope for a decent payday.

Keep it up and have some fun. E-mail me with any questions.

Trip report from Cubbies games from Cincinatti forthcoming!


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