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Friday, July 28, 2006


$5 Full Tilt MTT

To my avid or even not so avid readers, drop me a line, either through a comment or an e-mail. My e-mail is at the right of the page or here, pokergumby@hotmail.com.

Last night, I played in a multi-table tourney for $5 at Full Tilt Poker. There were 561 people in it and man did I get unlucky. I ended up cashing in 45th place, but got screwed a few times. I was short stacked from the middle throughout the end. This one player is in love with K-J and no matter what I did he'd call with it. Yes, call with it. I had the best hand both times, Ace high and won one and lost the other to get myself short stacked.

I had a player call an all in for double the pot on a flush draw and catch it on me. WOW! I know it's only $5, but when there are under 100 players, and first place is around $800, you don't play like that. Shit! I was short stacked in sb with 10-4 os. I doubled the blind, they were 400-800 and I get called. Flop of J-10-4 rainbow. I check hoping to get a bet and the BB moves all in for a little more than I had. INSTACALL. He shows K-9. What hits the river, a queen! Sonuvabitch! I'm out in 45th and get $9 for my effort, only a $4 profit.

I had been playing loose once I got short stacked because I read an article on short stack playing. It said that you can either play supertight and fold until you get a hand, which you may never get, and eventually get blinded down. Or go all in a lot and try to pick up the blinds and antes for another round. It said to stay above 7-8 big blinds to make sure people would need to pick up a hand to beat you. This is what I did and it worked successfully because eventually I got a caller when I had KK and he had K-Q. The strategy works and I'm going to employ this everytime I get short stacked.

I wasn't worried about the bubble in this tourney because it was only a few bucks, but other larger tourneys may see my play change during that timeframe. If I were to satellite into a $100 or more tourney, then the bubble money would be worth it. However, if I'm going to get that far into a tourney, I would rather try to play for the big money, because it doesn't happen often.

One of these days I'll hit a big one. I don't have nearly enough time to play in the tourneys that I want to.

Good Luck,


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