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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Full Tilt

Not for me, but an update on my play at Full Tilt Poker. Real bad players and real bad suckouts. I have been getting killed by suckouts for about a week. I'll have the best hand preflop, on the flop, on the turn, and then get fucked by the river. It's like nobody believes that anybody ever actually has a had. I got called on a flop with top pair, 10s, I had A-10, by somebody with J-8 with no pair, no draw. Hits the Jack on turn and makes 3 of a kind on the river. Can they see something that I can't?

I put in $600 to get the 100% bonus, but it clears sooooo slow. I've played about 10 hours and it has only cleared $35. At Absolute, I can multi table 1/2 and make about $30 an hour from them. It goes into my account every $20. So I'm down $260. I'm going to try and get it back up to around $700 then cash out $600. I haven't been able to play in the tournaments there yet, but am looking forward to it because they have some good ones.

Badger Poker

I played in the freeroll bar tournaments last night and I did pretty well. It was like a deepstacks rebuy tournament because he was giving away 5K chips for every raffle ticket bought. He has raffling off Packers and Brewers tickets, a seat in the finals, and a poker chip set. I bought 2 tix for an additional 10K and didn't win anything. Some players would get short stacked and go buy more raffle tickets. Funny stuff.

I played fairly solid early. it helped getting good cards. A-Q, Jacks twice, and flopped 2 pair with K-Q in BB. I slow played them preflop by checking, then got some action from a loose player to my left. I check raised the flop, I made it 10K to go and still got a call. It's like an online freeroll, except you get to hear the players thoughts. Bad poker players cannot shut up.

After the first break, our tables get moved around. I have 41K. Some guy sits down to my right, who proceeds to play every 8 out of 10 hands. 3/4 of those he min. raises. I'm just waiting for a hand. That'll come later. I play tight, get Queens twice. Once I was in BB when solid tight player bets 2nd utg. Makes it 6K, two callers, then I push all in. Everybody folds, I pick up some loose callage.

Down to 4 tables and my first real mistake. A guy who never raises, bets on the turn of an Ace high board. He tries to bet 2K when the minimum is 4K. I take this as weakness, not a guy who doesn't know what betting actually is. I check raise him all in with bottom pair 4s and get called. He has A-J and I'm short stacked with 22K.

Break down to 3 tables and I triple up with K-J against pocket 7s and I think it was a 4-6 os. Big stack who didn't care. I sit tight and fold most hands when I get 99 in the small blind. 1 limper and the button, Mr. Minraiser, minraises to 20K. At this point he has a ton of chips. I move all in quickly, then the BB pushes all in. He had more than me. Limper folds, and the button goes, "uhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhh, uhhhhhh, uhhhhhhh. I guess I'll call." I figure these boys for 3 overs. I was wrong to who had what though. I figured the uhhh guy for a weak Ace, I've seen him call all-ins with them, and the other guy for maybe K-Q. Minraiser had K-10 and the BB had A-5 sooooted. No real help on flop. Nothing on turn, then BAM, river 10. The guy who is horrible at cards now has even more chips.

I was steaming. I can't stand these players and would love to play them for real money. The odds couldn't work in their favor enough to make it worth their while.

Maybe I'll try again next week. We'll see.


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