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Monday, July 10, 2006



I watched the Professional Poker Tour's first episode and I've got some feedback. The announcers are bad. It's hard to find pairs that work well together like the WSOP guys, and Mike and Vince. I'm surprised Mark Seif isn't playing in the PPT and got suckered into hosting.

Am I to understand that this tour is a freeroll for these players by exploiting them on the Travel Channel for however much money. I wonder how you get into this league. I see players that I don't recognize and there are only 130 or so professional players. I'm just waiting to see Chris Moneymaker play against all pros all the time in an actual tournament format. I don't consider Poker Superstars on Fox Sports to be a tournament, just luck. Push with good hands and hope you don't get cracked. Jen Harman had some solid hands snapped during heads up with Chris Ferguson. Back to Chris, he's AWFUL and the luckiest player out there. If I were to get lucky for a string of days during my poker career, I'd love it to be during the WSOP main event also. However, if I was as bad as Chris, I wouldn't buy into other events because he can only lose money. Chris Moneyloser.

Enough of that sidenote, back to the PPT. The main table was sooo boring. I understand that it's the beginning of a tourney, but at least put some players at the table that will talk to each other. Noli can barely speak English, Rice was silent, but not so deadly, and whoever that woman was didn't say 1 word. I was upset when Raymer bluffed off all his chips because he likes to chat at the table and I respect his play.

Lastly, there is applause with nobody watching the event live. It's like the laugh tracks of old. Remember the Flintstones? Was there a live audience watching that taping?

I'll get an update on my play when I get another chance to right, I just needed to rant.

Good Luck,


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