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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Trip Report

I went camping in Eagle River Wisconsin with some friends this past week. We went from Friday and I got back Tuesday night. One of our friend's parents own a nice cabin on a lake. While we're there, everybody's talking about the casino that's about a half hour away in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and I hear they have a poker room. I'm in. The only concern I had was time constraint. Poker games can run long.

I actually brought home a $1 chip as a souvenir and so I can get the name of the casino right. Lac Vieux Desert Casino was the name.

We get to there around 7ish after dinner. I had a 1lb. Burger with fried onions and cheese. Amazing! Small Indian casino and I didn't even tell anybody where I was going, I think they knew anyways. Go into the small poker room with 4 tables and only about 8 people in there. No games going. There's a sign that says Sunday tournament and I ask about it. They say it's already over. Ok. Why isn't there anybody playing then?

A few old guys, definitely regulars, are waiting for a game and I find out that they play 1/2 NL with a $100 max buy-in. I don't usually play NL, but I brought $100 for gambling and I'm going to spend it on either poker or blackjack. Guess what I did?

I sit down and wait for the action to start. We end up beginning with 4 players, the 3 old guys and me. Each of us bought in for $100 and I find out that 2 of them had just did well in the tourney. Sweet, loose callers with deep pockets. We begin and I'm BB. First had make 2 pair on turn with no callers. Second hand in SB, make a flush on turn and take the first 2 pots for about $20. Nice start. The table begins to fill up and now we have 9 players.

Lots of loose callers preflop and lots of limpers. Just my type of game. I also realize that this is an 18 and over casino so the under 21 fish are already tagged with a wristband. NICE! Few interesting hands to list here.

In BB with pocket 8s. 4 limpers. I check. Flop JJ8. I bet $7 hoping for a raise. 1 caller. He's got a Jack. I'm thinking no 10-J-Q-K-A. Turn comes low and I bet $15. He calls. River low, I bet $25. He thinks and I hope he raises. This kid has been betting with weak aces and playing a lot of hands. He just calls and I say full house and he shows his A-J. Shit, I should have checked the turn. Oh well, moving on.

Took a small pot down with 55 when nobody bets a King high flop with a preflop raise. King hits turn and I bet to take it down.

I get A-Q suited in mid position with 2 limpers in front of me. I make it $15 to go and I get a caller behind me and 1 limper to move allin for another $4. A limper raises, smells of pocket pair. Tournament I call, cash I raise. I raise it $40 more. The guy who won the tournament calls. He only has $18 in front of him so I'm basically betting blind. Flop comes, Ace high. I bet the $18 and he call with K-Q with a gutshot draw. Early position limper has 9s and no help to either of them and I take down a nice pot.

Lost some money when I played loose with a definite calling station. He bets a 9 high flop when called preflop to my raise with A-Q. I try to bully him and he calls. He bets small $8 on K turn and I should've realized that he was playing the hand to the end. He had A-9. Still up.

Lost another $20 when tight old mann(TOM), solid, makes the nut flush on turn with my 2nd pair jacks. I had A-J and raised preflop to $8. 4 callers. Q high flop and checks around. Turn makes 3 diamonds on board and I checks around. River blank and TOM makes a $15 bet and I call. He flips the nut flush with A-5 and I say nice hand.

I'm still up, but I made a big mistake where I should have hooked the fish. Early position players makes it $7 and I've got the button with 77. I call and 3 to the flop of K-Q-7. SB bets $10, this is the calling station next to me. Preflop raiser calls and I make it $50, a pot sized bet. Couple thoughts and 2 folds. I thought for sure I'd get a call. A little mistake that cost me some money, but I don't usually play NL so I'm happy with my $112 winnings. I get up when 3 fish bust out and there looks like solid players about to buy in. I can play with them, but would rather take the easy money and run. Should've had at least $50 more, but I'm happy because I'd have to play limit longer for a $100 or more win.

I keep a $1 chip for a souvenir and take another $10 for my girlfriend to play her favorite nickel slot. The Double Diamond. We sit there for a little while for some entertainment. $10 for 45 minutes is good.

The poker room host was very nice and hospitable. Got a free drink for playing. This casino runs WPT satellites every so often and larger $200 buy ins. I wish I lived closer to this casino, but then I'd be living in the woods. All in all, a good trip. Lots of drinking, boating, tubing, and drinking. We polished off 7 cases and an 18 pack of beer between 4 guys. An occasional beer was drank by the women, but they were mostly on mixers.

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