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100% up to $750

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


3/6 Ranting!

I just needed a little vent. I got home from work last night, or this morning, took a shower, and played some 3/6 full table at Absolute Poker. I was just about to finish my three tabling, I said I would stop at 5 AM, and then I lost all the winnings I had.

I could have quit when I was up around $80 after 45 minutes, but it was only 10 more minutes 'til 5, so I continued to play. Then 2 hands fu#%ed me. I went into both hands an underdog, but the huge flops put me ahead of both hands. These both happened within a few seconds of each other.

A-5 in BB, button raises, I call. Flop A-5-6, 2 hearts. I lead out he raises, I reraise, and he caps it. Turn 7. I bet, he raises, and I reraise, he caps it. Mistake, I don't think so. I'll bet the river and then see. River J, I bet he raises and I call. He shows A-J for the winner. Damn! $100 pot, I lose!

A few minutes later, another table, I get QQ on button and raise. BB calls. Flop Q-2-3 rainbow. Check-check. Turn 3, he bets, I raise, he reraises and I cap it. River A. He bets and capped again. He shows AA for the aces full winner and another monster hand and pot lost. Damn! RIVERED TWICE IN A FEW MINUTES! Should have left the tables.

So, I end up quitting at 5AM about $20 up. Better than losing, but it could have been more. I think I'll try and play these tables late because of all the action. It seemed like there were many players seeing the flop, but not a ton of chasers to the river with anything. I played tight solid and definitely played well enough where I should have walked away a winner.

I'm short of my $2K goal right now, but Apple is offering students a sweet deal. Buy a MacBook and get a free I-Pod nano, 2GB. I need about $1,300 to buy what I want, and then get the rebate, so I might pull out a bunch of money and start all over from scratch.

I know I'm getting around $200 rakeback next month, so that'll comtribute to the roll. Plus, I have stacked boni (bonuses) in Absolute that need to be cleared.

Rakeback for Others

What I am now offering any player who signs up at Absolute through me is every dime you make me, you will get back! You have 2 months and up to $100. I'll also send you some casino used playing cards from the Reservation of Fun here in Milwaukee. Nice cards, good for homegames!

As always,

Good Luck at the Tables,


AKA Keith

hey man, just discovered your blog, fellow milwaukee poker blogger here. Ever play at Potawatomi?
Every so often, only played 2/4 there. I don't have 8-18 hours to just sit there and play. I play online mostly and some tourneys around the area. If you ever want to play, let me know.

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