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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Biggest Win to Date!

How does $1,187.55 sound!? I took 2nd in the Absolute Poker $4K Guaranteed Rebuy Tourney today. Chopped the pot, but it should have been mine. I limped with Aces on the small blind and got him to go all in preflop. He made a pair on the flop and 2 pair on the river.

We played heads up for about an hour then decided to chop it. We played for tournament leader board points and he won, but his play changed considerably when that happened. He was much more aggressive. I think I would have beat him, we had about identical chip stacks, but an extra $237 for sure is fine with me.

I bought in initially for the $20, then did a double add on after the first hour. That's the way to do it. Try double up in the first hour, then add on.

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you played great! had a gas watchin yer lagg ass tear up AP!

good bloggage....

Thanks Shark for the support you can Chippies had on Absolute during the tourney!

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