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100% up to $750

Friday, August 04, 2006


My Bankroll

I wasn't doing so hot at Full Tilt, -$200 so I cashed out the remaining $400 there. I'll be depositing there soon, once my bankroll gets above $2K because I'll be buying a MacBook and Full Tilt and Bugsy's Club are the only 2 sites I know of that have Mac software. I put that $400 in Absolute for a 35% reload bonus. After that big tourney win, I took out a little over $1K and placed it in Neteller and also have a $30 transfer from Poker Champs.

Sidenote: Poker Champs no longer accepts players that live in the United States. I don't know exactly why this is, but they had some of the worst tournament players on the internet.

I left $600 in Absolute to play the $20 tourneys, the Shark Poker Tour $5.50 events, and the 1/2 tables. I still have over $100 to clear there in bonuses and will reload the next time it becomes available with the $1K I have for an additional $300 in bonus $$$. I should have $2K in about 2 weeks. I won't have much time to play so we'll see.

I'll be getting my rakeback from Absolute for a little over $100. I was playing mainly at Full Tilt to clear the 100% bonus, but it is fairly difficult to clear. I have accumulated 1000 Full Tilt Points, but have only cleared $60. At Absolute, this would have been $100 in bonus. Unlike Absolute though, I have until November to clear it, so the bonus money will clear slowly throughout my play there.

Right now I have $0 invested. After I pulled out all my money a few months ago, I spent some points on Absolute for $40 and they gave me $10 for not playing there in a while. Got $40 free from Party and cashed out $100 with $11 left in there for the super weekday satellite.

Actual $$$ 1070+613 = $1683
Uncleared Bonus $$$ $111 (Absolute)+$540 (Full Tilt)=$651
Rakeback for July (Not Exact) = $100
Total Real $$$ Around $1800

Not too bad for nothing investment. I also had some Share Points from Poker Share. They finally opened their store, but will only be open for around 2 months. Weird. I got Harrington on Hold Em Volume 2, which I've been wanting. I didn't want to pay for it because I saw they had it and I had enough points for it. I also got some cards, because I still had 400 points left. Like I really need more cards, but I couldn't let them go to waste.

I have 19K Absolute Rewards Points (ARPs) and I'm saving up for the poker table. 100K points and you need to be an Elite or Platinum VIP member. I'm a VIP member, but once I get close enough to the points needed, I'll play hardcore for a month or two and then cash them in for the table. It's not one of those cheap folding tables either. It's real nice.

See you at the tables,


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