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Friday, August 11, 2006


Slight Bump

I dropped some money, no thanks to the calling stations at Absolute Poker. I need to bounce back, play my solid poker and get back to my goal of $2K. I have to try and find time to play in a larger tourney to try a score a big cash. That's where I do my best.

Playing the 2/4 and 3/6 tables mainly, and even threw in some Omaha 8s. Doing well at those tables, but I took a beating at a loose 5/10 table where I went into the flop with the best hand 95% of the time and lost 90% of the time. I couldn't catch a break. The 5/10 tables at Absolute Poker HATE ME!

I think I'm moving over to Sun Poker because of all the weak players that seem to be there. I hear that the UK players call down with unpaired weak aces. Plus, they give you a $100 deposit bonus every month and I get rakeback there as well.

I still need to play in one of those Super Weekday Satellites at Party Poker to see if I can get a $162 buy-in to try and score a big win. Next week I'll try hard. I need to get working on finding a J O B too!


I watched the WSOP final table live yesterday and it took forever. 9 players and I watched most of it. I ended up going to bed around 5AM CST when they began heads up play. I figured the Gold, with the monster chip lead, wouldn't have a problem finishing the weaker player heads up, and he didn't.

See you at the tables,



I stumbled across this blog from starlights.

I like it. Keep up the good work and

Good luck at the tables unless I'm there of course :)
Thanks! I hope I don't take your money, but if it happens, it happens.
Is Sun Poker a Crypto site? I'm going on a whoring mission in September and will probably add Sun to my list of sites, especially as I can get 35% rakeback there too.

At the minute the fishiest plaice (see what I did there, genius!) as always is Pacific or as I call it Pafishic and Titan. Titan is full of my fellow Europeans at the minute and I've found the French to be particularly bad players. Best time to play the sites with more Euro players is about 2300-0100 GMT as this is the usual time for the pub to close and the drunks come online! Check out the action at Victor Chandler around midnight and see what I mean!
Yes it is. You can get RB plus a $100 bonus every month. I think I'm moving over there for a while. I never did like the software there, but haven't played there in some time. There might be some upgrades.
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