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Monday, September 11, 2006


Daily Show Clip!

John Stewart and the Daily Show were dead on hilarious with this one! Click on it to get it going!

Badger Poker

I played last week and went out in 5th. I played some damn good poker and got unlucky at the final table when I made aces up on the river and other guy made frush! What the fuck is a frush?! My pair beats your frush. Oh, shank you very mush! (Revenge of the Nerds quote) In hindsight, I should have raised more on the turn.

Here's how it played out. Down to 5. I get A-5os on the button and raise it to 40K with blinds 5-10K. Big blind calls. Flop 2 spades 8 high. BB checks and I check. Turn Ace. BB bets 20K and I raise it to 60K. (Think it should have been more). I rushed into this raise. I should have thought what he could have been betting here and it was definitely a draw. If I pop it up to 100K or all-in, he probably folds. He's a good solid player. He calls with odds to call for sure. River 5 which make a 4 card gutshot straight and a 3 card flush on board, he moves all-in for 90K. With 200K in pot, I can't fold with Aces up. He shows flush for winner and I'm down to 30K.

Go all-in under the gun with 2-3os hoping to get lucky. Don't like to sit there and blind off with dogshit hands. My nemesis calls with 10-J and makes his pair on flop. GG, NHs. I'm 2 for 2 in gaining points. I'll be playing Wednesday night again and hopefully getting more points so I can make a finals this season. Haven't put the time in to care much, just wanted to play well and try to win. Making some good moves and calls. Thinking things through finally, unless there's a few beers in my system.



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