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100% up to $750

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Tourney Host

So I'm hosting a Shark Poker Tour Vet Series event on Sunday, September 17th. It's only $5.50 to play and there will be $200 added to the prize pool. Usually around 60 LAGS with a great structure. 20 minute levels, 2500 chips, and 6 seated. Lots of play! I'm not sure where it will be yet, as the tour jumps around to different sites. Oh, and there's a bonus for knocking me out of the tourney!

I've been playing a lot of 2/4 3/6 ring games at Titan Poker. The players are bad, which means bad beats. I took a huge one when I had AA and turned a full house. The other guy flopped quads for a HUGE $145 pot playing 2/4. There was another douche in the hand that called down with A-J after a capped flop and turn! That hurt!

Another douzy! 3/6 turned a set of Kings with another guy making the nut straight with 10-J os. He actually reraised me from the BB and we capped the flop. 3 bet turn and I just called the river. That took me off my game and I dropped $300 playing 5/10. I can't stand the calling stations at 5/10. I think they're worse than the micro limits. I just need to play super tight in those games. I lost a $200 and change pot to a horrible suckout! I had the best of it pre-flop, on the flop and turn, got rivered by a flush. Sunuvabitch!

I'm still ahead there, but need to build it back up playing 2/4 and some 1/2 if the tables are right. Plus, the guaranteed tourneys are big with horrible players. I'm going to try a few of the $15 ones hoping to hit a big payday for $600-$750. Have $400 in Neteller and would like around $1200 in Titan so I can cash out $900 for an Apple Laptop. Then work my way back up. I'm pretty sure I'll be getting over $200 in rakeback from Absolute Poker so that'll help.

I also need to play in a large freeroll tonight so I can get an article written for the Shark Vegas Strip site by Friday. Play tonight, begin writing, and finish it tomorrow. Already have one article written there! Check it out! www.sharkvegasstrip.com

GLATT (Good Luck at the Tables),


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