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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Full Tilt Cash!

A few days ago I played with the $18 remaining in my Full Tilt poker account and I won a $24+2 satellite token playing in a $4 sit n go. Now, I've been playing at Full Tilt because my PC took a shit and the new MacBook that I bought with my poker winnings is all I have. Full Tilt and Bugsy's Club are the only two sites I know of that have Mac downloads, other than playing without downloading at some sites.

So, I sit down to play in this thing. $20K guaranteed prize pool with top prize a little over $5K. More than 1,000 players and I end up chip leader after about 30 minutes. Not bad. A few donkey calls when I'm sitting on huge hands and I have no problem making it through the field to the money. I play fairly solid poker, a few bad plays, but otherwise good poker. Players keep dropping like flies and we get down to 3 tables and I keep having to fold my mediocre cards to raises behind me. I'm getting pocket pairs, A-10s, and such. Really just trying to steal the blinds, but this one particular player keeps pushing behind me. I finally take my stand with 6s and he ends up having aces. Sonuvabitcth!

I'm out in 18th, right after another player busted. I get $120 for my effort. Not bad, but when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it's green and smells like money, and don't make it there it's disappointing.

I was playing in the $10+1 Midnight Madness tourney there at the same time and after I busted out of the big one, I donked off the rest of my chips. 161st place with 81 paying. I was so upset with myself! Whenever I play in two tourneys at the same time and bust out in one, I seem to fold in the other one. Fold as far as playing horribly! Need to fix that ASAP!

I'm enjoying the large field tournaments at Full Tilt and will continue to play and update on my play. I can play these tourneys in bed with my laptop while watching the MLB playoffs.

Until later!

Good Luck at the Tables,


Gumby, Im exactly the same. Playing 2 MTTs at the same time seems to be EV- for me. Bust in the first and I seem to tilt bad in the remaining one.

Good luck at your next MTT!
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