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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Happy Anniversary!

I have just realized that I've been doing this blog for a year now. Wow how time flies! I have come very far from a year ago, yet I have so far to go. I was playing .05/.10 stakes and really low buy-in tourneys. $50 win sessions for 8 hours of play were HUGE!!! I'm going to review my year with some highlights AND lowlights. We aren't great poker players if we only look at the bright side of life! Unless you're 100% Monty Python, then you have to sometimes look at the bad times and bad play. How else will you improve?

Let's start with some lowlights!
  • Many. many brutal 5/10 sessions. Very aggressive opponents with loose calling values.

  • Becoming a pokeraholic and playing continuously.

  • My Neteller fraud scandal. Got it all back.

  • Playing so much that I took a break.

  • Tilting off more money than I care to share.

  • The downfall of some sites due to Safe Port Act.

  • Now for some highlights!
  • Best finish in online tournament, $1,187!

  • Meeting of many friends through the Shark Poker Tour.

  • 2 Shark Poker Tour victories within a month of each other!

  • Cashing out $1K to buy a new MacBook!

  • Free poker books, poker chipsets, hats, shirts, and all that jazz!

  • These are just some of the high and lowlights that I have managed to face through this process so far. I have been playing poker since I was a kid. Used to bet with baseball cards. I am continuing to learn more about poker daily, and will continue to do so until I die. I love this game and hope to one day cash huge in a live or online tourney. When I say huge, I mean over $100K. I'd love to get some $2-$10K cashes soon and I feel my play will lead me there. I don't play as often as I'd like, but I have learned a balance between poker and life (EXTREMELY NECESSARY!)

    Take Care!

    Good Luck at the Tables,

    Keith AKA GUMBY

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