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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Welcome Poker Refugees!

It seems that Full Tilt has become a more popular site ever since Party has banned US players. I found that I'm getting killed by river donks and loose play, but that will change with the cards.

I played in another Full Tilt $20K Guaranteed with a first place prize of around $6,500. I made the money, outlast more than 1,200 people and took home $85 or so bucks for the effort. Man did that suck. Hand that crippled me went exactly like this.

Mid position player raises pot. With antes up there, it's a substantial raise. I more than double his bet, and he moves in for his last $10K. With more than 4:1 on my money, I call with 9s. He shows his A-K os. I hadn't played a hand in about 2 go arounds because of the MONSTER stack to my right raising ever pot I had any hand in. This douche decides that his tourney life is golden with A-K os. He hits the King on the turn and puts me down to $15K after being in 7th place.

Now, do I move all in after his pre flop raise so it's on him, or did I play this right, knowing that I was best. I played outstanding poker and get very little compensation.

2 for 2 on cashes, but 0 for 2 on big cashes. I love this tourney. Have used a token both times by winning sit n gos. Things are only going to get better with all the horrible players coming over.


Neteller is going to be pulling out of the US because of the bill that just passed Congress. This totally sucks! A trusted site for handling our money is going to be lost. Firepay has already jumped ship. There must be someone trusted out there that will handle our transactions to and from poker rooms.

Every other day there's a tough break!

I love tourney poker, but maybe the casino is the place to play nowadays. Only time will tell!

Good Luck at the Tables you can Actually Play at,


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