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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I Will Be Busy!

I added another job to my life, waiter at an upscale restaurant. What this means is that I need to study my wines so I can sell as many bottles as possible to up the bill. I'm also close to finishing my leave behind for advertising so I can find a real world job. This means that there's not as much time for poker right now.

I've been playing at Full Tilt mostly, but am going to deposit at Bugsy's Club again because they have a 50% redeposit bonus. I'm just putting in $300 for an additional $150. We'll see how that goes. I like their tourneys because they all start with plenty of chips. I've been playing low limit at Full Tilt and trying to get tourney tokens in the $6 2 table sit 'n go. Want to score big time in one of their larger tourneys.

Up and down at Full Tilt. At one point I was at $300 and now I'm at about $140. Played some 2/4 and was very tight aggressive. I got creamed by river beats a few times and just got destroyed. Mama said there'd be days like this.

What I really want to do is limit my online ring game play and only play tourneys, but that's not always profitable. I would like to play live 2/4-5/10 or the $500 buy in NL at the casino. Potawatomi Bingo Casino. 10 table poker room with no tourneys. Have 2 NL games with a must move. I've had some friends that are not as good as I am come out huge winners. They said to play patient, which I do, and aggressive when you get a hand, which I do. I can handle that. They also said that there are a lot of horrible players which = $$$....but also super bad beats. I've heard of quads being kicked in the junk by a river 1-outer straight flush! WOW!

I'll see how all these new developments go and get back to everybody soon.


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