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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Quads Twice!!!

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I hit quads twice in about 20 minutes playing .10/.25 NL at Full Tilt poker. I flopped the Jacks as you can see. I didn't get any action on them though. That sucked!

The only time you can get some money off of somebody is if they have a big hand or are aggressive donks! Had some playing against me today, but they got the better of me with suckouts! Loose play means you can't bluff. When they're making hands with garbage against big pairs like QQ and KK your day is going to be long, as my day was. Had QQ lose to a set of 4s, then KK lose to Q-8 when he called a raise with it in NL and flopped three of an unkind!

Twice I had QQ and another player had KK. WOW!!! NL can be profitable, but it can also be brutal!


I watched the FTOPS (Full Tilt Online Poker Series) Main Event Final Table. $500 buy-in. I have to say that there were a lot of good plays and bad plays. When the blinds started to get up there and the players' "Ms" were low, there was a lot of crapshooting. Many pushes with weaker holding and many loose but good calls with hands like K-10 os and things of that sort. It took about 30 minutes for first player to get knocked out. After that, they started falling a little quicker.

At one point, it seemed like players were falling left and right. After about an hour and half, they had a winner. Spiked took it home for more than $200K! What a payday for playing online! One of these days....

Good Luck at the Tables,


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