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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Cashed Out

So I need to take out about $600 to pay off a furniture bill. Didn't want the accrued finance charges. I'm left with about $150 in poker money and around $100 in sports betting money.

Once I clear my bonus through sports betting, I think I may be done with that. It's kind of a headache. I think I may only do Sunday NFL, Bowl games, and NCAA tourney games. I'll definitely tone it down some.

As for poker, I'm almost done clearing bonus at Bugsy's Club, $30 left, then I may cash out. The problem I seem to have with Bugsy's is that I can't play through my wireless, or my router, because then there's a HUGE delay that makes me miss a bunch of hands. Had this problem at Full Tilt too, but updated my MacBook and now it runs fine. I like Bugsy's because of the great leagues where they give money back. Good overlays on tourneys too, but there's not a ton of traffic when I'd like to play.

Lost all I had on Full Tilt, ups and downs of my new NL kick. Waiting for rakeback there which will be around $50, so we'll start at small sit n gos to build that up. I LOVE the Midnight Madness tourney there, so you might be able to catch me in there sometime. I don't mind putting up $10 to win around $2K, even if it is 20% of my bankroll there.

I'm playing in the church game again this weekend. Friday night, $50 donkament. Usually 70% donks, 20% decent and 10% solid. Hopefully, the donks KO the solid and I take it down. $800 for first. Plus only $10 for all you can eat food (MMMMMMMM, polish sausage, mashed potatos, roast beef, ahllhlhhlhhllhhl) and all you can drink beer!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI like beer and beer likes me. Only a few during play though. Much more after. Much more. Much much much more. Muc...sorry. I like beer.

Last time I played I went out in 10th on the final table. No cash, only 5 paid out of around 60 if my memory serves me correctly. I lost a bunch of chips down to 2 tables with QQ vs. 44. A few limpers, he limped utg, I raise in the blinds to 5x BB. I've only showed down HUGE hands. He says, "this isn't a bad hand to go down with!" Yes it is! He hits a set on the flop. Damn!

Final table, I'm on the cutoff. Folds to me, I move all in with 9-10 suited for about 6x BB. BB calls with K-10 and I'm out. Will remember these plays for this time. Tight aggressive all the way! If I don't cash, I'll be pissed, and drunk. But mostly piss drunk!

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Great blog! Just swinging by to check it out. Keep up the good work, and I want to go to church where you go to church! that's way better than stupid old Bingo!
It's fun, but I feel bad taking the nuns money. I end up donating it all back after. Just kidding!

Catholicism, it's faaannnntastic!

It's actually a "Card Social" but many poker games going on along with the "Big Game." Old ladies playing tripoley and many older men playing Sheepshead poker. Nothing like poker except that money is involved. It's a WI thing.

Sweet. Sounds fun. I was raised Catholic, but we didn't have anything nearly that good. Got your message and I'm linking up now.
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