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Saturday, December 30, 2006


I Hate it When...

...you play so well in a tournament and it all ends up being in the cards anyways. Especially in a limit tourney, cards are very important to winning.

I played in a $5 HORSE tourney at Full Tilt tonight and went out on the bubble. 25th. 24 paid. Out of 171 players. Not a bad showing, but I wanted the $247 1st Prize. Played well early, but couldn't catch a hand late. I'd have good stud hands when it was Razz and vice versa. I just got blinded/anted off because the calling stations were out in full force. Love it sometimes, but when your cards go cold in a tourney, you just bite the dust.

Does anyone know a better strategy for me? Tight solid limit HORSE play. Not horseplay like screwing around, but is it skill+luck when the blinds go up so fast? Can I minimize the luck aspect?

I've got $6 in my Full Tilt account and have been up and down there. Cashed out about $150 a month ago and started with $20. Highest I got was $70 and then the NL beats came. Big pairs up against bigger pairs preflop. Still learning the NL ring game. A new animal I tell ya.

Have about $220 in Bugsy's Club. Around $40 in Neteller and $100 in a sportsbook online. Total gambling bankroll. $366 or so. Gonna build it back up. Need a big tourney win. Soon enough.

Also, the next Church game is coming up on Friday, January 12th. Must play in that one. The games are just too juicy.

Just had to get a little frustration off my chest.


Any kind of Limit tournament is tough. It's almost impossible to knock people off a draw, so you can't accumulate chips like you could in a no-limit tourney, but you have the same problems you do in any other tournament with the blinds escalating. That's not much advice, but it probably illustrates the problem you are having. Just try to make sure you are really maximizing your BBs when you have a hand and not losing any more than the minimum when you don't.
Good call. I play limit tight to begin with and even tighter in a limit tournament. Getting help in the beginning and not the end really hurts though. Love the HORSE tourneys at Tilt so you may be reading more frustration posts! HA!

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