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Monday, January 08, 2007


Almost Busted, A Great Flick, and Great Play

Not in the poker bankroll, but in the sports gambling bankroll. Started the football season with $250 of my poker winnings and was up and down and now I've got my last $38 riding on Ohio State (-7).

Yesterday was just a heartbreaker across the board. When you have the Jets (+9.5) and the under, then the Pats come out with a no huddle offense, I was in for a long day. In the night game, I had Philly and the Giants actually came out to play. Very good game to watch, but didn't help me any. Oh well. We'll see how it all ends up tonight. I may have a few bucks left if the Buckeyes roll the Gators.

I do have a free futures bet on VIP.com on the Bears to win it all. If da Bears win it all, I'll be first, drunk and ecstatic and second, $40 richer. Small time gambler I am.

I watched Two for the Money the other night. Wow was that an entertaining movie. With my newfound interest in sports gambling, and my old interest in any gambling, I loved it. I give it four cash symbols $$$$. Cha-ching!

Same night I watched Two for the Money, I played some online poker at Bugsy's Club. Played in 2 tourneys, took 1st in one for $50 and took 2nd in another for $30. I was getting some practice in for the upcoming Friday church donkament. I'm itching like a boy scout in the woods to play some live poker. Almost went to the casino to play this weekend, but didn't have the cash on me. Don't like using ATMs, unless they are sitting at my table.

I was also playing a .25/.50 NL game with a $50 max buy-in. About 10 hands into it, I got pocket Jacks in late position. EP raises to $2 and 4 to the flop of all diamonds, 6 high. I don't have a diamond. I'm in position on everyone and it gets checked around. Turn comes Jack, not a diamond, ep raiser checks. Cold caller 1 bets .50, cold caller 2 raises to $2 and I make it $12 to go. EP raiser folds, CC1 folds, and CC2 pushes all in for another $20 and I quickly call. River blank and I stack the guy and take a $110 pot. Nice! Not sure what he ended up having, but notes on him was that he was a loose player. It's possible he had a small set or a flush draw. Even J-Q, J-K, or J-A with a flush draw.

I've been happy with how I've been playing lately and am looking forward to playing live on Friday. Hopefully all my coin flip situations will go my way. I played great last time and got unlucky so trying not to be results oriented. Would love to see a win in this one though.

Good Luck at the Tables,

And go Buckeyes! If you don't win by 7 you better lose!


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