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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


D'ags Solid

Happy New Year everybody! I have 3 years in my archives now. 2005, 2006, and 2007. I've been doing this a while, haven't I?

I was watching the WPT Borgata Open (flipping between that and the ND/LSU game) and was John D'Agastino playing some great poker. I know it was a rerun and I have seen it before, but there aren't any new poker shows on. Anyways, he made one of the best calls I've ever seen.

Up against the Grinder, Michael Mizrachi, who limped UTG with 2-4 hearts then called a raise preflop out of position with it. D'ags had KK and made it $130K to go with blinds 15/30K. Flop comes A-x-x, 2 hearts. D'ags bets and gets check raised all in. After going into the tank for about 2 minutes, HE CALLS! WOW! Dodges that bullet and moves on.

Later on, he's up against E-Dawg Erick LIndgren. Flop comes 3-4-8 I think, 2 hearts. Erick moves all in right there. D'ags folds his overpair 10s to Lindgren's set of 4s. Another nice play. I love seeing the great laydowns and calls these pros can make. it's like this is what I think he thinks that I think that he thinks I have. CRAZY!

Another church game coming up on the Friday the 12th. Anybody interested in playing?


Wait a minute - there's some great new poker shows on. Check out Poker After Dark. They just featured one of the all time great Phil Hellmuth temper tantrums. The Pro-Am Equalizer is an interesting concept that may turn out to work well, although the 1.5:1 chip lead they give the amatuers is probably not enough. The new season of High Stakes Poker should be gearing up any day now as well.

You're right though. D'Agostino is phenomenal and when he's on his best game, he's unstoppable
I don't get GSN so I need to catch this stuff via YouTube. I will check out the new show Poker After Dark on NBC though.
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