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100% up to $750

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


OU Goes Down in Flames

So much for undefeated and having some money to screw around with for the playoffs. I said if they don't win by 7 points, they better lose. Well, they lost and lost HUGE! I'll only have money if da Bears win the Super Bowl. I'll then have $40 to play with.

I've been playing more lately on Bugsy's Club and especially low stakes NL ring. I like the $20 max .10/.25 NL tables. There are a ton of horrible players. Can't get away from top pair, even tp tk. Finally finished clearing the $100 bonus there and have around $440 in that account. Not too bad. Slowly but surely growing the bankroll.

I have $50 sitting in Absolute, but no computer to play or get that money out. I have a Mac and not a PC....yet. I'm trying for the free Vaio offer, but there are so many things to finish in the offer. If you don't know how that works, you have to complete 6 offers and then get a free Sony Vaio. I have completed 4 as of now.

I have $9 in Full Tilt from rakeback from last month. We'll see how far that goes. I've turned $10 into $400 in a few days before, so I have high expectations, but it'll take some good playing and a little luck.

Still can't wait to feel the chips in my hand on Friday during the donkament at the church.

May your aces remain uncracked,


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