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Friday, January 12, 2007


Moving Day!

Last post here! Moving to a brand new blog with a more appropriate address for myself.

This is my 99th post and #100 is going to be on my new blog. For those of you who have me linked, please change accordingly. I will keep this site up to see all the progress that I have made.

Hope you all make the move over.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007


OU Goes Down in Flames

So much for undefeated and having some money to screw around with for the playoffs. I said if they don't win by 7 points, they better lose. Well, they lost and lost HUGE! I'll only have money if da Bears win the Super Bowl. I'll then have $40 to play with.

I've been playing more lately on Bugsy's Club and especially low stakes NL ring. I like the $20 max .10/.25 NL tables. There are a ton of horrible players. Can't get away from top pair, even tp tk. Finally finished clearing the $100 bonus there and have around $440 in that account. Not too bad. Slowly but surely growing the bankroll.

I have $50 sitting in Absolute, but no computer to play or get that money out. I have a Mac and not a PC....yet. I'm trying for the free Vaio offer, but there are so many things to finish in the offer. If you don't know how that works, you have to complete 6 offers and then get a free Sony Vaio. I have completed 4 as of now.

I have $9 in Full Tilt from rakeback from last month. We'll see how far that goes. I've turned $10 into $400 in a few days before, so I have high expectations, but it'll take some good playing and a little luck.

Still can't wait to feel the chips in my hand on Friday during the donkament at the church.

May your aces remain uncracked,


Monday, January 08, 2007


Almost Busted, A Great Flick, and Great Play

Not in the poker bankroll, but in the sports gambling bankroll. Started the football season with $250 of my poker winnings and was up and down and now I've got my last $38 riding on Ohio State (-7).

Yesterday was just a heartbreaker across the board. When you have the Jets (+9.5) and the under, then the Pats come out with a no huddle offense, I was in for a long day. In the night game, I had Philly and the Giants actually came out to play. Very good game to watch, but didn't help me any. Oh well. We'll see how it all ends up tonight. I may have a few bucks left if the Buckeyes roll the Gators.

I do have a free futures bet on VIP.com on the Bears to win it all. If da Bears win it all, I'll be first, drunk and ecstatic and second, $40 richer. Small time gambler I am.

I watched Two for the Money the other night. Wow was that an entertaining movie. With my newfound interest in sports gambling, and my old interest in any gambling, I loved it. I give it four cash symbols $$$$. Cha-ching!

Same night I watched Two for the Money, I played some online poker at Bugsy's Club. Played in 2 tourneys, took 1st in one for $50 and took 2nd in another for $30. I was getting some practice in for the upcoming Friday church donkament. I'm itching like a boy scout in the woods to play some live poker. Almost went to the casino to play this weekend, but didn't have the cash on me. Don't like using ATMs, unless they are sitting at my table.

I was also playing a .25/.50 NL game with a $50 max buy-in. About 10 hands into it, I got pocket Jacks in late position. EP raises to $2 and 4 to the flop of all diamonds, 6 high. I don't have a diamond. I'm in position on everyone and it gets checked around. Turn comes Jack, not a diamond, ep raiser checks. Cold caller 1 bets .50, cold caller 2 raises to $2 and I make it $12 to go. EP raiser folds, CC1 folds, and CC2 pushes all in for another $20 and I quickly call. River blank and I stack the guy and take a $110 pot. Nice! Not sure what he ended up having, but notes on him was that he was a loose player. It's possible he had a small set or a flush draw. Even J-Q, J-K, or J-A with a flush draw.

I've been happy with how I've been playing lately and am looking forward to playing live on Friday. Hopefully all my coin flip situations will go my way. I played great last time and got unlucky so trying not to be results oriented. Would love to see a win in this one though.

Good Luck at the Tables,

And go Buckeyes! If you don't win by 7 you better lose!


Wednesday, January 03, 2007


D'ags Solid

Happy New Year everybody! I have 3 years in my archives now. 2005, 2006, and 2007. I've been doing this a while, haven't I?

I was watching the WPT Borgata Open (flipping between that and the ND/LSU game) and was John D'Agastino playing some great poker. I know it was a rerun and I have seen it before, but there aren't any new poker shows on. Anyways, he made one of the best calls I've ever seen.

Up against the Grinder, Michael Mizrachi, who limped UTG with 2-4 hearts then called a raise preflop out of position with it. D'ags had KK and made it $130K to go with blinds 15/30K. Flop comes A-x-x, 2 hearts. D'ags bets and gets check raised all in. After going into the tank for about 2 minutes, HE CALLS! WOW! Dodges that bullet and moves on.

Later on, he's up against E-Dawg Erick LIndgren. Flop comes 3-4-8 I think, 2 hearts. Erick moves all in right there. D'ags folds his overpair 10s to Lindgren's set of 4s. Another nice play. I love seeing the great laydowns and calls these pros can make. it's like this is what I think he thinks that I think that he thinks I have. CRAZY!

Another church game coming up on the Friday the 12th. Anybody interested in playing?


Saturday, December 30, 2006


I Hate it When...

...you play so well in a tournament and it all ends up being in the cards anyways. Especially in a limit tourney, cards are very important to winning.

I played in a $5 HORSE tourney at Full Tilt tonight and went out on the bubble. 25th. 24 paid. Out of 171 players. Not a bad showing, but I wanted the $247 1st Prize. Played well early, but couldn't catch a hand late. I'd have good stud hands when it was Razz and vice versa. I just got blinded/anted off because the calling stations were out in full force. Love it sometimes, but when your cards go cold in a tourney, you just bite the dust.

Does anyone know a better strategy for me? Tight solid limit HORSE play. Not horseplay like screwing around, but is it skill+luck when the blinds go up so fast? Can I minimize the luck aspect?

I've got $6 in my Full Tilt account and have been up and down there. Cashed out about $150 a month ago and started with $20. Highest I got was $70 and then the NL beats came. Big pairs up against bigger pairs preflop. Still learning the NL ring game. A new animal I tell ya.

Have about $220 in Bugsy's Club. Around $40 in Neteller and $100 in a sportsbook online. Total gambling bankroll. $366 or so. Gonna build it back up. Need a big tourney win. Soon enough.

Also, the next Church game is coming up on Friday, January 12th. Must play in that one. The games are just too juicy.

Just had to get a little frustration off my chest.


Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Tourney Results

I played in the church game a couple weeks ago and I'd have to say, I played very well. The result didn't show, but I was happy with my game. $50 buy-in and you got $10 for knockin' someone out. There was a certain amount of bounties and then the top 10 paid. Only a few notable hands.

Played very tight throughout. Didn't raise a hand until this point. On the button with 6-4 os. 3 limpers (this is how it pretty much how many limpers played every pot) and I raise 5x bb. 1 caller. Flop 6-3-3. Limp caller checks, I bet, I win.

Get A-Q and raise to 4x bb preflop. 1 caller and I'm out of position. Ace high flop, I bet, he folds. Starting to see a pattern of weak play here.

Sitting with 2.5K in chips, started with 1500.

Guy on big blind is a real calling station. Sees almost every flop. Guy on small blind is all in. I want to go heads up with my 5-8 os and try to take the chips and the $10 bounty so I raise. Of course the big blind calls. I hit top pair 8s and win side pot AND knock out the other player. Nice.

Have about 3K after some blinds go missing and I get A-8 os on the cutoff. CS preflop guy is in the BB. All fold to me and I raise to 4x bb (800) and he calls with only 400 behind. I'm putting in the rest no matter what so I get the money ready. Q high flop and he has K-Q. Lose 1200 on that hand.

Small stack on the button and I look at A-5 diamonds in the bb. Big stack sb calls. I raise to 5x bb and the small stack calls his all in and the big stack folds. SS has 33 and it holds up. Down another chunk of my stack.

Pretty much shove or fold now. I go all in once and win blinds. Next time I push is in bb vs. sb large stack. I have King high, he has 9 high and takes me out. All in all I think I played solid poker and am happy with how I played. Made it about 2 hours into it in about 30 something place out of around 90. Lots of horrible loose play and definitely something I'll do again.

As for my online play, haven't really done much because of my move. I recently moved into another apartment to save some money on rent. Finally have internet back so I'll be playing a little more now.

Hope everybody had a great Christmas. I ate a ton of food and have some leftovers which is nice.

Take care and good luck at the tables,


Friday, December 08, 2006


Holy Crap!

Don't know where I found this picture, but remember, you may be playing against this guy sometime in your online poker career.

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